A Complete Guide on How to Plan and Organize a House Move

A Complete Guide on How to Plan and Organize a House Move

Any one that has ever moved before knows that is can be a very stressful and exhausting experience. While packing and moving your belongings is a daunting task in of itself, there are several things that you need to do to properly move out of your old home and set up at your new place. If you are planning on moving and need some help organizing a house move, follow this complete guide to help plan and make your move as easy and smooth as possible.

Planning before you move out:

Make a budget

Moving is expensive and can be very costly as there may be expenses you forget to include. You should make a moving budget well in advance so that you will not run low on funds while you are moving.

Organize and purge any unwanted items

Several months before any move you should sort and organize any items that you no longer need or want to move with you. You should donate or sell these items. Many charitable organizations will also pick up any donations that you no longer want or need to make it easier for you.

Schedule shut-off or utility transfers

You should make arrangements to shut off or switch any utilities such as electricity, gas, water, phone and internet. You should make sure that you provide yourself enough time to properly clean before utilities are shut off in your old home.

Change your address and forward your mail

It is very important that you change your address for both business and personal accounts. This includes banks, schools, utilities, and other accounts and memberships. You should also forward your mail to your new home so you do not miss any important letters.

Gather boxes and strategically pack

You should gather recycled boxes prior to your move. You should also sort your items and begin to pack things you do not use daily.

Obtain multiple quotes from moving companies or cleaners

If you plan on using a professional moving company or a cleaning company to clean you home after you move, you should obtain several quotes to make sure you obtain the best price for your scheduled move.

Adequately clean floors, bathrooms and surfaces

After moving all of your personal belongings out, you should make sure all floors, carpets, surfaces and walls are clean and free of any stains, scuffs or marks. You should also make sure all appliances such as stoves, refrigerators and microwaves are clean or any food or stains. There are also many eco-friendly ways to clean your new home.

Moving into your new place:

Clean and disinfect bathrooms and kitchens

Even if your new home appears to be clean, you will want to make sure to clean and disinfect bathrooms and kitchen areas. This will ensure there are no germs and your home is ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Thaw and clean your refrigerator and freezer

Before placing food and other items into your refrigerator you will want to thaw and make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.

Check for any damage

If you are renting, you should inspect your new place for any damage, stains or anything that needs to be repaired. Failure to do so may result in charges.

Change air filters

Air filters need to be changed periodically and frequently and should always be changed before moving into a new place.

Re-key locks

You should always re-key a new home or ask your landlord to do so if you are renters.

While moving can seem overwhelming at times, following this list of important tips will help you plan and organize your move into your new place and make it as stress-free as possible.

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