5 Things to Tell Clients About Using a Crane Service for Tree Removal

5 Things to Tell Clients About Using a Crane Service for Tree Removal

Cranes and tree removal aren’t necessarily always a hot topic of conversation or something that the general public feels they know a lot about. For this reason, whether your clients are homeowners or those with large-scale commercial and industrial projects, you are going to have to educate them on the process of tree removal and show them what their options are and what the pros and cons are for different selections.

To help you out, read on to learn five things you need to tell clients about using a crane service for tree removal.

1. First, both the tree and the soil must be evaluated.

Not everyone knows how crane-assisted tree removals happen, which makes it an excellent place to start. Generally, tree removals are performed by telescoping boom cranes as these are some of the most highly mobile and stable models of cranes.

Due to their lifting booms, these cranes can stretch out to extraordinary lengths and shift to meet multiple angles, both of which are necessary for tree removals.

However, before the crane gets brought into the site, a professional will need to assess both the tree that is going to be removed and the ground on which it stands. This is necessary for them to understand and evaluate the root structure of the tree, as well as the soil that surrounds it. By analyzing the earth, a professional tree remover will have a more thorough idea of how challenging the removal process will be.

2. Then, the crane wenches the tree.

Once the ground has been surveyed, it is time for the tree to be removed. A crane boom with a logger’s sling attached will be hooked to the tree that is going to be removed. Usually, the sling is comprised of chains or wire loops and is responsible for wrenching the tree out of the ground vertically.

Once the tree has successfully been removed, the crane will also be utilized to speedily yet carefully discard any dead, broken or hazardous branches.

Explain to your clients that by allowing professionals into the outdoor space, they are inviting expert skills in to ensure that all of the outdoor area is as beautiful and healthy as possible.

3. You may need help knowing when a tree needs to be removed.

Homeowners and those with large-scale commercial projects alike may be unsure about when a tree on their land requires removal. After all, not everyone is fully educated on tree health, which is why they need to realize that they should regularly speak with a professional tree removal company to ensure that they aren’t overlooking unhealthy activity in their outdoor area.

Generally, the reason a tree needs to be removed is because of property or infrastructure damage, because they are diseased, or because they may be a possible threat to the surrounding buildings.

No one wants to put their employees in danger because their workplace or the like is surrounded by tall, towering trees that could soon become a threat. And, the longer they leave those trees to grow, the more challenging it will become for professionals to implement adequate, healthy tree trimming services and tree pruning services.

To be honest, it is challenging for a non-expert to know when it is time to remove a tree. So, you must explain that it is best if professionals make the final decision and are able to get the job done.

For example, whether you are a builder or a contractor, you need to tell your clients that obtaining quality crane hire in Sydney (or wherever they live) will help them sleep well in their bed at night knowing that they have chosen to work with a firm that strives to give the best possible crane services for tree trimming and tree pruning.

Once they realize that you are assisting them in maintaining the health and wellness of their trees (and overall outdoor space), they will be happy with everyone involved.

4. There are a plethora of benefits when it comes to removing a tree with a crane service.

Once your client realizes that they need to remove trees from their property, they will need to decide on their preferred method of extraction. Generally, business owners, builders and contractors prefer to use a crane service as there are a plethora of benefits that come with opting for this method.

First and foremost, it is the safest way of going about the removal procedure. By lifting the tree from the land with a crane, clients are assured that any remaining debris could be handled gently and delicately.

Secondly, by utilizing a crane service for removing trees, you are inevitably opting to have a skilled operator conduct the procedure. This operator will have plenty of experience in this exact procedure and will understand the ins and outs of using the specific crane.

Additionally, most business owners or contractors do not need to purchase a crane as they aren’t going to be using it regularly enough to warrant the investment. Instead, by renting a crane, they can remove a couple of trees on your property in the most cost-effective way.

And, not only is it the safest and most cost-effective option, but it also is the most efficient way to get the work done. In fact, most trees can be removed (and the area cleaned up) by professionals in merely a couple of hours.

Last but not least, by using a crane to remove trees, you are ensuring minimal damage to the ground surrounding it and choosing the least invasive method of tree removal. Using a crane is undoubtedly the way to decrease the amount of damage done to an outdoor area.

5. Before renting a crane, this is the most crucial point to consider.

When choosing a crane hire company to work with, make sure you are considering the experience they have in tree removal. Even if a company is touted for being the best crane company in another industry (such as oil and gas), it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the specific skills that you need for the project.

You want to know that the people who are working on a property are the best ones for that specific job. Do your research, ask them questions about their experience in tree removal, and then go with your gut instinct concerning who is going to get the job done right.

Have you ever needed to remove a tree from a residential or commercial space? What option did you decide to utilize? Do you have any experience renting a crane? Let us know in the comments below!

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