How to Choose the Right Asbestos Removal Service for Your House

How to Choose the Right Asbestos Removal Service for Your House

If you are still living in your ancestral home where your father and his father also saw their childhood, then it is most likely that along with memories you are going to have asbestos sheet installations in that building as well. Most of the houses which are build before 1980s have asbestos roofing as it was the prime material used in roofing and ceiling at that time. Many extensive researches made after that state the harmful effects of asbestos when it is used in homes. Over the years the use of asbestos in ceiling and roofing and other installations in the house has reduced considerably.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral and can be extremely dangerous to your health. Researchers have proven it to be carcinogenic, particularly causing lung cancer. When asbestos is present in objects and installations that are not in good condition, it proves to be hazardous to health as they begin to release toxic fibres in the air which are easy to inhale, thereby causing lung cancer if exposed for a long duration. This is why a lot of people who have asbestos ceilings and roofings in their homes are now hiring asbestos removal companies like Proactive Asbestos Control Ltd to get rid of the old and potentially harmful asbestos containing objects in their homes.

When you are about to hire an asbestos control or asbestos removal service, keep in mind the following tips to get the best possible service.

Do your research properly

The first and foremost step you must take is to do your research work properly. Yes, there are a lot of firms that provide asbestos removal services but that does not mean you will jump on to the first one that comes to your way. Figure out at least four to five such firms operating in your area and ask for their quotes. Before you finalise anyone of them, you may ask for references and talk to the old customers to get an honest feedback of the services offered. When you do your research properly, you will find firms that are old and have years of experience in the business which are suitable for the job!

Verify the licensing and insurance

Asbestos is a harmful material and can cause long term damage to people who deal with it. When you hire an asbestos removal company, you must make sure that they have all the licenses and the approvals as directed by the authorities to carry out the job. Asbestos removal is not a job that can be performed by an amateur and then end up creating a mess. Not only this, you must make sure that the firm provides proper insurance and consider the one which provides a full protection policy for your own good.

Removal methods to be used

As an employer, and the one making payment and whose house is being dismantled, you have all the right to ask the asbestos removal company to ask about their removal methods. You must make sure that the firm uses the latest and the most innovative equipments in this process. They must also ensure the safety of the professionals involved in this procedure so that no one is hurt or faces any health hazard. In fact, you must only hire the service once you are satisfied about the methods being used in the asbestos removal.

Waste disposal procedures

When you are about to hire an asbestos removal company, you must ask them about the waste disposal techniques they will be using when it comes to getting rid of the asbestos that has been removed from the roof and the ceilings and other places in the house. Asbestos mishandling can lead to the dispersal of carcinogenic fibres in the air that is harmful for anyone who comes into contact with them. Therefore the methods used in the disposal must also be mandated and the latest. Make sure that the firm you are hiring to deal with this business has the required certification and abides by all the laws and regulations in terms of disposing asbestos.

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