How to not Oversell or Undersell a Property

How to not Oversell or Undersell a Property

When you are an owner of a property and are looking for someone to buy it, you are sure to be talking about the different pointers of the property. You might highlight all the good pointers and conveniently make all the not-so-good parts invisible. This is basically overselling the property. You need to make sure that you do not do that.

Here is How to Not Oversell a Property

As an owner of an independent house for sale, you are going to look at the different characteristics of the house and the parts that you are pleased with will become the endorsements. Here is how you describe the house:

When you are telling your agent

Tell him everything about the house. Tell him all the good things, but do not emphasize them. Similarly, tell him all the bad things as well. Leave it to his best judgment as to how he wants to communicate it to the people.

When you are talking to the buyers

Here you do not essentially need to highlight the flaws of the property, but you will definitely need to make them believe that it is the best property that they can get their hands on. So let them know all the good things, and slip in a word about the flaws. This will give them a fair idea and they will not feel like they have been cheated upon.

When you are advertising your home

If you have chosen to advertise on any of the portals and papers, then you need to make sure that you do not use too many adjectives. In very simple words describe the house and let the people decide for themselves.

It does not matter who you are talking to, but one thing that you need to be sure of is that you do not lie to anyone. It is highly unethical and immoral to do so. It is understandable that you are trying to secure a deal, but you need to understand that your reputation is at stake.

If you have an independent house for sale, you need to make sure that you are not raising the expectations of the potential buyer and leaving him disappointed at the end of his visit. This can cost you a good deal for your property. While you do not over sell your property, it is also important that you do not undersell it either.

Here Is How To Not Undersell The Property

You have to make sure that the projection of the house is not too bad either. It will keep the prospective buyer from coming to the place to even take a look. Here is how to deal with the different people and not undersell your house:

While talking to your agent

This is again the same as overselling. You will need to make sure that your agent knows the truth and he should be capable enough to communicate the flaws of the house to the potential buyers without scaring them off.

While talking to the prospective buyer

When you are talking to a prospective buyer, you will need to make sure that you let him know about the flaws, and also provide him with solutions and alternatives that can make up for the flaws that you have. This way, the buyer will know what he is getting into.

While dealing with advertisers

Never highlight your flaws while advertising. You will have to make sure that do not draw attention to the flaws while you are advertising your independent house for sale on any portal. Just make a mention if the flaw is really big.

You need to keep in mind that sometimes the flaws can actually bring down the value of your home/ Make sure that you fix the flaws before you want to sell the house so that you get a better value. You might miss out on a good deal otherwise.

It’s no secret that most things can be done on the internet these days, from internet banking and shopping, to booking holidays and travel arrangements. Selling property is no different. There are many property portals that allow you to sell property online, quickly and efficiently.


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