How To Secure Lawn Furniture

How to Secure Lawn Furniture

Securing your lawn furniture is a vital step in protecting your investment in your outdoor entertainment items. If your lawn furniture is not secure, it is vulnerable to both theft and damage by wind. Securing your lawn furniture can also prevent personal injury and property damage due to flying furniture during high winds. This article will give you practical ideas on ways to secure and protect your lawn furniture so that you can enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come.

  • Make sure to assemble and install all pieces properly. For example, in inappropriately installed umbrella could easily be damaged by wind or rain. If any of the pieces come with stand or base that fills with water or sand, make sure to use these built in security measures. Using these bases properly will deter theft, as well as reducing wind damage vulnerability.
  • Make every effort to cover and protect your lawn furniture when you know severe weather is approaching.
  • Whenever possible place your lawn furniture close to the house. Large bulky items stored closer to the house may deter thieves due to a fear of making noise and being heard.
  • When possible, attempt to place lawn furniture in areas where it is not visible from the road. The less the furniture is seen, the less likely it is to be stolen.
  • Before leaving for vacation, store your lawn furniture in a locked shed or garage. If your furniture is not visible, it is not as tempting to drive-by thieves who might other wise target your property. Also, always make sure to store your furniture in a locked area when the season is over, and it is not in use. If storage is not an option, as a neighbor to keep an eye on your house and yard while you are out of town.
  • These cables will not only secure your furniture, but also protect if from theft by sending out an alarm if the cables are disturbed. Alarms such as this also provide an added layer of home security, as the alarm will alert you to an invader on your property.
  • If money is a concern, consider using an inexpensive bike chain and lock. Using a device like this will deter theft while also securing your pieces in the event of storm carrying high winds. General use chain can often be purchased in bulk at your local home improvement store.
  • An even less expensive option would be using rope or twine. Although less likely to deter theft, these items would reduce the likelihood of wind damage.
  • Installing outdoor security lights will also reduce the likelihood of theft. Check our local home improvement store for ideas on outdoor security lighting that will fit your needs.
  • If you have a dog, make sure it has access to windows or is kept outside. Dogs are great at letting their owners know when someone is near the house. If you do not have a dog and are considered about theft and safety, consider pet ownership. Dogs provide an added level of security, while also providing excellent companionship.
  • If you already have a security system installed, call your security company to discuss how you can begin or increase your outdoor monitoring. They might have great options and advice. If you do not have a security system installed consider purchasing one. They provide added security while also potentially reducing home or renters insurance prices. If you are in the market for a security system make sure to stop around, and many companies offer deals and incentives for first time purchasers.

If you follow some of these simple tips, you will reduce your risk of lawn furniture theft and severe weather damage. You will also likely make you home, property, and family safer by implementing some of these simple ideas.

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