Outdoor Glider Vs Porch Swing What Are The Main Differences

The Main Differences Between an Outdoor Glider and a Porch Swing?

If you want to improve your patio space, you might consider adding a porch swing or a glider to the area. Either way, the patio can be a great hangout place for your family and friends. Below is a discussion to help you decide which one to choose between a glider and a porch swing. Read on to help you beautify your patio in the best way possible!

Outdoor Glider

An outdoor glider can either be a chair or a bench that has a horizontal motion when being rocked. This type of seating doesn’t require too much space, and it’s easy to place anywhere, most especially in a roofless area. With glider swings for the patio, you don’t have to allot additional space because their actual size is what they only need to move.

Another great thing about an outdoor glider is that it doesn’t leave marks on your floor since it has a standard casing wherein it glides. It would not harm your flooring, allowing you to keep it neat at all times. Along with this, outdoor gliders are a safer option since there are minimal chances that you’ll topple over because of the swing speed because they only slide back and forth horizontally. They’ll only stay in their position as you slide them. 

Porch Swing

Usually a crowd favorite, the porch swing allows people to swing with this type of seating. Kids would enjoy sitting on this chair, rocking themselves back and forth. 

Aside from being enjoyable, porch swings are more beautiful to look at and will add value to your patio. They also come in different designs, which means you can purchase one that complements your property’s existing theme.

A porch swing is suspended either by a rope or a chain to your ceiling, allowing the chair or bench to move back and forth in a swinging motion. As much as it’s beautiful to add to your porch, it might require bigger space since you have to consider its swinging capacity. If you want to ensure that it will be safe, especially for kids, you can allot a limited space to restrict the swinging. 

You could even create your porch swing. Just make sure that you hang it real tight and use sturdy materials for maximum safety.

Main Differences

Listed below are the main difference between an outdoor glider and a porch swing to help you determine which is the best option for you: 

Outdoor GlidersPorch Swing
Restricted motionBetter swing motion
Much cheaper than a porch swingExpensive
SafeHigher chance of falling over
Ideal for those who have motion sicknessCan enable motion sickness
Not ‘cool-looking’ among younger generationsAdds beauty to your porch
Requires limited spaceRequires additional space
Less maintenance requiredMore maintenance required
Requires no installationNeeds installation
Looks like an engineered benchGreat decoration for porch

Choosing which one is the perfect choice for your patio depends on your preference and the requirements of your family. Most of the time, kids would prefer a porch swing over an outdoor glider as it’s more enjoyable to sit on. Along with this, it could also enhance the beauty of your porch.

On the other hand, outdoor gliders are the best option for those who are more prone to motion sickness but would love to get some good motion. They’re also the preferred option among the elderly as they can easily hop on the bench without having to worry about falling over. Plus, the motion is just right and is something they control, allowing them to be more comfortable.

If you want a moving bench but have limited space, an outdoor glider is a perfect option for you as it doesn’t require any additional space. The whole space for the glider is what you all need to be able to move it back and forth. Unlike with a porch swing, you have to consider having a bigger area for better movement.

Buying Guide

When you’ve decided to purchase either an outdoor glider or a porch swing for your home, here are the things that you should consider before purchasing one:


Before purchasing anything, you should check what your options are made of. They could be made of softwood, hardwood, aluminum, or HDPE lumber. Your final choice should really depend on your preference of stability and look. If your priority is the safety of everyone, hardwood is the best option for you as it’s the sturdiest among all choices, although it can be expensive. Aluminum, on the one hand, is lightweight and durable, making it a perfect pocket-friendly choice. However, since it’s lightweight, aluminum may not be ideal for windy areas. And, lastly, if you’re open to color variations, the HDPE lumber should work best for you.


You must check the size if it’ll fit your porch. Some seating options can be smaller than they would look in the catalogue. Always check the accurate size of the seating so you can be sure that it will fit perfectly on your porch.


It’s a must that you read reviews before purchasing something, most especially when buying online. You should check if it has positive reviews, which could indicate that the product is of high quality.


Of course, you still have to decide which style would look best on your porch. Make this an open conversation with your family so that everyone would get to enjoy the purchase.


Whichever outdoor furniture you wish to have, make sure that you’re completely comfortable with your choice and that it suits everyone in your household. Not only that it should be the preferred choice of the majority in your household, but you also have to make sure that it could match your property’s outdoor design so that it won’t appear out of place. You could even match it with your theme when you’re decorating for fall or wintertime. 

You just have to take note of any safety hazards and have the porch swing or glider installed perfectly to avoid accidents and injuries. When purchasing either an outdoor glider or porch swing, double-check the materials used and if it’s something that will last you a long time. 

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