Proper Washing: The Secret to Prolonging Persian Rug’s Life

How Do You Wash Persian Rugs Without Damaging Them?

Persian rugs are some of the best in the world. These rugs are naturally coloured and hand woven for better aesthetics.

A Persian rug will enhance the overall interior decor of your room. The most important thing is to maintain the rug on a regular basis to prolong its lifespan.

You probably already know how expensive a Persian rug is which is why it is so important to wash and maintain it as required.

Following are some tips on how to wash a Persian rug without damaging it.

  • How often do you need to wash a Persian rug?
  • Rug cleaning ideas
  • How to wash a Persian rug at home without damaging it?

How Often Do You Need To Wash A Persian Rug?

Rug cleaning is important to improve the aesthetics of your home as well as prolong the lifespan of the actual rug.

The cleaning interval will depend on how and where you use the rug in your home. Deep rug cleaning should be performed at least once a year on average.

However, if the area rug is used in a high-foot-traffic area, you should make it a point to clean the rug at least once every six months.

You will know whether the rug needs to be cleaned or not by performing a simple test.

Place your hand on the fibres of the rug and rub it for approximately 20-30 seconds.

If you see dust flying up off the rug, it is time you take steps to clean it.

This is a highly effective test to use in order to know whether you need to clean the rug or not.

Rug cleaning should be performed by someone who has experience in dealing with expensive area rugs.
Rug Cleaning Ideas

Rug Cleaning Ideas

Antique, expensive or handmade Persian rugs are best cleaned by a rug cleaner who has extensive experience in cleaning area rugs.

It’s important to ensure the beauty and durability of such rugs.

They are quite expensive and need to be washed and cleaned by someone who is experienced in performing the job.

You should never use harsh chemicals and bleaching products for Persian rugs because these solutions can damage the very fabric of the rug.

Brushing and vacuuming are important functions to keep your area rug clean. These methods are best when it comes to getting rid of loose dirt in the rug.

Don’t press the vacuum too hard over the rug fibres as this can damage the fibres of the rug.

The rug will wear away more easily when the fibres of the carpet are damaged. Use the gentlest settings to avoid fibres from breaking down.

Use a soft-bristled brush to tidy up the fibres of the rug for a fuller appearance.

How To Wash A Persian Rug At Home Without Damaging It

How To Wash A Persian Rug At Home Without Damaging It?

The first step is to remove the loose dirt as mentioned above. Vacuum it with gentle pressure so that the fibres aren’t damaged in the process.

Turn the rug upside down and thoroughly vacuum both sides of the rug before washing it. Don’t vacuum the fringes on the edges of the rug.

These parts can be easily damaged by the bristles of the vacuum.

The next step is to prepare the cleaning area to clean the rug. Clean any dirt and dust in the area with soap and water.

You can use the sloping area of the driveway to wash the rug. Make sure you clean the driveway before placing the Persian rug in a sloping area.

This will prevent water from collecting on the rug.

Soak the rug with cold running water. Use a garden hose for the job and soak the rug thoroughly and evenly.

Add a mild liquid detergent into about 15 litres of water and mix it thoroughly. Test the solution by rubbing it on the side of the rug before rubbing it on the entire rug.

Use a clean and soft-bristled brush to clean the area rug. Don’t rub it too hard since it will damage the fibres of the carpet.

Make sure the brush bristles come into contact with the opposite side of the rug.

Rinse the rug until there isn’t any detergent left on it. Flip the rug over and repeat the process.

Once the rug is completely free from suds, you can begin to dry the rug. Squeeze the rug to get the excess water out of it.

Place a few dried towels on the rug and walk on them to help absorb the moisture on the rug. Once done, hang it up to air dry and voila!

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