Should You Buy a Luxury Condo in Seattle?

Seattle, the new West Coast gateway, exhibits great tech-savvy potential, along with a rich cultural heritage, especially in the downtown area. Earning the reputation as one of the four superstar cities in the U.S, it boasts an upward market trend and a downtown population that increased by almost 90% over the past decade.

Downtown Seattle is witnessing a surge in demand for luxury housing, owing to excellent job opportunities and a relatively lower cost of living. Real estate developers are vouching for Downtown Seattle luxury condos, despite construction costs swelling between 6% and 8% per year. There are a few good reasons for luxury condos to be the best way to live in the heart of the city.

Superior Quality

Reputed developers in Downtown Seattle ensure that raw materials for building every unit are of premium quality. Every aspect of the condo is well-planned, with every feature well-designed using durable items.

With such superior quality, commercial values of luxury condos in Downtown have increased by 20%, from presale to resale.

Excellent Built-in Amenities

The contemporary condos in the Emerald City come with exclusive built-in amenities, such as a rooftop deck for a magnificent view of Lake Union and the Olympic Mountains. You can avail of access to club lounges, yoga studios, well-equipped in-house media room, and private outdoor space, with all modern facilities.

The latest market studies show that state-of-the-art amenities add nearly 40% to the property value in the Downtown Seattle community.

Nominal Maintenance Cost

Luxury condos come with contemporary furniture and other home appliances. With all fixtures being brand new, it is evident that they will require less frequent maintenance.

Moreover, the association dues include exterior maintenance work charges, which is relatively less compared to the expenses incurred with regular homes.

A few of the reputed Downtown Seattle luxury condos share amenities with renowned hotels, leading to lowered maintenance charges. It has attracted some of the wealthiest Seattleites, leading them to own nearly 45% of units in such ventures.

Smart Integrated Security System

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, burglary cases have reached 87%, in the last one month, in the west precinct, including Downtown Seattle.

With posh condos, in plush neighborhoods, you can avail of the offered facilities like a high-tech security system with 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance. Moreover, you will buy condos in well-developed areas with a peaceful community. In some cases, the condos come with security guards, ensuring your home is well-guarded.

Sophisticated Lifestyle

The lavish condos in Downtown Seattle offer stunning views of the Downtown, with premium interior aesthetics, resonating the city’s vibrant personality.

Being the epicenter of thriving tech-savvy businesses, the city center is the prime location for tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon. The Downtown is well-connected, be it pedestrian, public road transport, or the light rail.

Furthermore, the upscale neighborhoods offer some fantastic restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs, keeping you entertained and ensuring you lead a glamorous lifestyle.

Downtown Seattle, the birth-place of Starbucks coffee, offers excellent opportunities for purchasing lavish condos in posh neighborhoods. In 2019, the cost of Downtown Seattle condos dropped by 7%. Channelize the favorable market conditions and understand your requirements while deciding to buy a luxury condo in Seattle.

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