Making Your Home More Secure

Safe and Sound – 5 Easy Ways of Making Your Home More Secure

Many people believe that if a criminal wants to enter your home, they are going to get in one way or another. However, if you put measures in place to dissuade then, they are more likely to spare you the trouble and heartache. Here are a few ways to make your property more secure and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of theft:

Use Technology

Technology has been our friend for many years, so use it to your advantage and keep your home safe. Invest in a smart door locks and cameras or even a custom gate to make entering your home nearly impossible without permission. Smart home security systems are becoming more popular and advanced by the day, with most operated from your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Let Common Sense Prevail

One of the best (and easiest) ways to make your property more secure is by using your head. Don’t leave spare keys in the most obvious places, and lock your doors, gates, and windows. Did you know that around 30 percent of criminals will enter your property through a window or door you have not locked? Lock it or lose it. What’s more, if you are going away, give your spare key to whomever is watering your plants, instead of leaving it under your doormat or a fake rock.

Outsmart the Criminals

To prevent a burglar, you have to think like one. Look at your house as if you were about to rob it. What do you think looks appealing? Conversely, what would deter you from setting foot on your property? Barking dogs, squeaky gates, a lack of cover and protection and cars in the driveway are all ways in which to deter would-be burglars from darkening your doorstep. You also have to be proactive and make sure nothing ever looks enticing for theft on your property. Don’t think it will never happen to you, because the 1.5 million property owners in 2015 with their homes burgled probably thought the same thing.

Neighborhood Watch

If you live in one of the most burgled towns or cities in the United States, such as Bastrop, LA, or Blytheville, AR, then don’t wait to lose your valuable possessions before you act. Instead, fight back. Try to organize a local neighborhood watch group to deter and prevent such behavior. If there are neighborhood watch groups or citizens patrol groups visible in the area – potential witnesses to crimes – burglars may be less likely to head out and steal as the risk of being caught is higher.

Light it Up

If you want to deter burglars from seeing your property as a target for theft, then light it up. Install security lighting, fence lighting, solar lamps, and anything else that can brighten shady, dark areas of your property. The more lighting your house has, the more likely someone is going to be seen entering your property unlawfully. Even the addition of a security light can be enough to send a would-be thief packing.

Many people say they will get around to securing their property, but don’t put a plan into action until someone violates their privacy. Instead of waiting, why not put a plan in place today? Invest in smart door locks, cameras, lighting, and use your head. While these are not 100 percent effective methods for deterring thieves, they can go a long way to making your property look less attractive than other homes in your street.

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