The Advantages of Using Battery Powered Chainsaws

The Advantages of Using Battery Powered Chainsaws

With the continuous innovation we are doing to make our lives better, everyday tools have become handier and more efficient.

Not only does this involve gadgets and gizmos, but also power tools used in construction, just like chainsaws. In earlier times, chainsaws were just a piece of metal. You run through chunks of wood, but now there are different variations like electric and battery-powered.

Although there is an on-going debate on what kind of chainsaw is best, several battery chainsaw reviews would tell you that the battery-powered is more efficient to use. Even the market research for the cordless chainsaw industry shows that more and more people opt to use battery-powered ones.

If you are thinking of buying your battery-powered chainsaw, but you are not sure if it is worth it, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with a cordless chainsaw:

Simple to operate

Yes, a classic chainsaw is simple to run since you only go back and forth, and even an electric one is simple as you only need to plug a cord. But, a battery-operated chainsaw is much simpler, as you can easily use with a press of a button.

You only need to press the power button when you want to use it, then press the power off when done. Some chainsaws also allow you to modify the cutting power, which makes cutting more comfortable and faster.


Traditional chainsaws and gas-powered ones are usually heavy, making wood cutting harder than it needs to be.

According to different battery chainsaw reviews you see online, a battery-powered chainsaw is much lighter compared to its counterparts, mainly because you do not have to put in the extra weight of the gas.

Less noise

If you have experienced working with a petrol chainsaw before, then you know how noisy this machine can be. Sound can be overbearing to the point that it disrupts your work and the neighbors.

A battery chainsaw is much quieter than others, no matter how much you use it, which lets you work all day without causing any commotions. You do not even need to wear earplugs since it operates peacefully without sound pollution.


Chainsaws that use gas emits toxic fumes and chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment.

With a battery chainsaw, there is no need to worry about toxic discharge since it does not emit any gas that is destructive to the earth’s health.


Although cordless chainsaws might cost a bit more when you first purchase it compared to other brands, it will cost you less in the long-run.

Since there is no need to buy gas often, and you are not using electric power, you will be able to spend less money, saving you from plenty of expenses in the future.


Perhaps one of the top benefits of owning a battery-powered chainsaw is the fact that it is portable, meaning you can bring it anywhere you need.

Because a cord’s length or the amount of gas you can bring does not limit you, battery chainsaws are more convenient to use, especially when you need to cut something in a remote area, or when you travel a lot.

Safer to use

Gas operated chainsaw usually has a “kickback” fault, that can be dangerous for you, especially when the kickback is strong and continues for a long time, where you are unable to handle it. A battery chainsaw doesn’t do any of this since you can efficiently operate it with a flick of a switch.

Overall, it is evident that using a battery-powered chainsaw is much beneficial compared to others. The trick is to find the best chainsaw that suits all your needs so you can use it effectively and get your money’s worth.

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