Tips to Maintain Electric Chainsaws

Tips to Maintain Electric Chainsaws

Modern electric chainsaw chains are available in three large types: household, professional and semi-professional. Household devices are lightweight, i.e. doesn’t have high power and weight. Semi-professional tools cut down trees, carry out construction work, and repair.

Chainsaws are used for 6-8 hours a day, in contrast to powerful professional modifications that can operate in the intensive mode for up to 14-16 hours daily, and continuously – for at least 8 hours. Therefore, electric chainsaw needs care in handling and maintenance.

Chainsaw maintenance

Before operating the saw, it is necessary to check the amount of fuel each time. It is also suggested to monitor the wiring and electric mechanism of the machine periodically. Before sawing, it is important to test the degree of chain tension and the sharpness of the chain. Monthly lubrication of the tire bearings is necessary.

After completion of work

Upon completion of the work, clean the sawdust, shavings and wash the air filter – the best option is a nylon or foam filter, as opposed to a disposable felt. You have to clean the air filter when there is a malfunction or choking of the engine during sawing.

After that wipe, the cooling fins and ventilation holes, don’t forget to clean the brake band. It should be remembered that periodical maintenance of the chainsaw in many respects improves the duration of the tool, work efficiency, the absence of breakdowns and malfunctions.

For uniform tire wear, it is necessary to turn it over with the reverse side periodically. Experienced owners of chainsaws are advised to have three chains. These chains ensure the uniform wearing of the pinion gear. You can’t cut with a dull chain as it is dangerous. It increases the load on the engine. Ultimately, the process of sawing becomes completely poor – it is crooked or goes to one side. Long break in the use of the saw loosens the chain tension.

How to carry our felling?

Sawing is a very responsible job. Therefore, before using a chainsaw, you should first determine the front of the work. It includes the evaluation of the thickness and height of the trees, the direction where the tree would fall, the speed and strength of the wind. To avoid injuries, it is necessary to study working methods in accordance with the instructions, correctly perform the upper and lower cuts, and the main cut.

Avoid problems

When felling, the following factors should be carefully considered to avoid harm to the chainsaw and accidents:

  • A safety zone should be allocated – within a radius of at least double the length of the tree being cut.
  • Before felling a tree, make sure that it is not rotten – a rotten tree can behave unpredictably when sawing.
  • It is important to fix the sawn tree for further safe pruning of branches.
  • If the cut tree snagged on other trees and branches, did not fall completely to the ground, cordon off the danger zone with flags and seek help.
  • If the tire is stuck in the trunk during sawing, turn off the saw. Then perform oblique movements of the tree until the tire is free.


In case the tool is used frequently, don’t forget to change such wearing parts as a chain, drive sprocket and tire. When we talk about maintenance, we mean the entire unit: the engine, the tire, and the chain. Carefully monitor the sharpness of the chains, sharpen them using a file of the appropriate diameter and patterns.

From time to time, check the gap between the stop and the edge of the tooth, it should be about 0.7 mm. If the chain is dull, you will see how the sawdust begins to turn into fine flour.

Chain sharpening

In case the chain is very blunt, hand it over to the workshop for sharpening. You can alternate independent sharpening and sharpen on the machine. Although in the workshop the technician would reduce the length of the cutting tooth, they will straighten out all the angles necessary for easy and quick sawing.

How to avoid abrasion?

When working, periodically rearrange the tire on the contrary, upside down, turning it 180 degrees while cleaning the groove for the chain from compressed sawdust. The rearrangement will help to avoid abrasion (development) of it on the one hand and extend the tire’s life.

It is also necessary to remove burrs on the outside of the tire groove with a flat-file on time to avoid chips and cracks. Keep chain tension under control. It should not be pulled too tight and should not sag. It is necessary that the chain lay exactly along the groove of the tire.

Especially often it is necessary to pull up a new chain.

Sharpening the chainsaw

Power Sharp is one of a kind of tools for sharpening the chainsaw, allowing the user to sharpen the chain without removing it from the saw during operation. It sharps within a few seconds. The system combines four interacting components, providing a quick and easy method for sharpening the Power Sharp saw chain. With the Power Sharp, you don’t need to carry out the tedious sharpening operation with a file. It has become much easier to work.


Before starting work, it is necessary to check the tightness of the screws and nuts, since they can loosen and even loosen due to vibration. The two things to consider when you own an electric chainsaw; the handling and maintenance of the machine.

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