5 Tips to Add a Dash of Southern to Your Home

5 Tips to Add a Dash of Southern to Your Home

If there’s one thing country homes have, it’s that undeniable southern comfort. Many wish they had such houses to live in  but they worry about all the money and time they’re going to spend.

Well, to tell you the truth, there are a lot of cheap tips and tricks you can use to add a dash of southern to your home.

So go ahead, try these out and give your house the homey feel it naturally deserves.

1. Head over to thrift shops and garage sales.

One of the best ways to find country home furniture is through sales and thrift shops. There are a lot of vintage chairs, tables and fixings that scream southern comfort. So make sure you head over to these second hand stores to buy the most authentic antique your money can afford.

Be ready to haggle so you get your investment’s worth.

2.  Set your table elaborately.

An indicative of a southern home is a well-set table. If you’re used to having plain table cloths, one-piece plates and cutlery, then be ready to dress them up.

Stack up your plates and bowls, bring out your silver cutlery and crystal glasses. They don’t really need to match but what they have to be is simple and elegant. Another trick is to add tall candles as well as a flower arrangement at the center of the table.

3. Be mindful of colors and patterns.

What sets apart southern homes from the rest is the feel they exude. This feel is achieved when you’re able to use the right patterns and colors.

Bright sunny yellow, brick red, pale blue and shades of white are the basic colors you need to incorporate. Paint these colors on walls or use them as sheets, curtains or carpet.

Another character of country homes are patterns. Floral and plaid are signature to these kinds of houses so make sure to add this to your home. The beauty of southern spaces are they don’t exert too much effort to match everything. So don’t be afraid to exaggerate on your patterns and colors.

4. Hang family portraits.

Gather old and recent photos of your family. Place them on frames, whether plain or patterned and hang them up on your wall. Nothing says southern more than a set of family portraits to look at as you descend or ascend the stairs.

You can enjoy this part more by letting your kids in on the fun. Choose casual and candid photos to always remind you of the small pleasures of life.

5. Don’t forget the knick knacks.

Southern country homes are known for their tea pots, throw pillows, flowers and other whimsical add-ons.

So see what you can get from your grandparents and even in thrift shops. Display them in different areas of your home and don’t be too conscious on arranging them.

Keep in mind that you’re exuding a relaxed, comfortable feeling but minding the details along the way.

Now that wasn’t too hard and expensive, was it? If you want to add a dash of Southern to your home, have a go at these tips and tricks.

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