How To Improve Your Mood At Home Through Creative Interior Design

How To Improve Your Mood At Home Through Creative Interior Design

Your home should be a safe refuge where you come to find peace and tranquility from a hectic day. Your living space, and the decor that you select can have a profound effect on your mood. To lift your spirits and boost your mood, you can try filling your home with special mementos, serene colors, luxurious fabrics and a bounty of light.

Surround Yourself with Special Mementos

Since you spend more time at home than at work or the gym, you need to make sure that you are surrounded by items that hold special meaning. This can be an assortment of photos of your pets, family, recent trips or memories from childhood. Choose your home furnishings and dinnerware in styles, fabrics and colors that you adore. Treasured heirlooms passed down from parents and grandparents should be prominently displayed where you can look at them. Additional touches that can improve your mood include luxurious towels, soft robes, rich linens and a cozy comforter.

Influence Your Mood with Color and Textures

The colors and textures that you select for the walls in your home, furnishings, sheets, rugs and art can have an effect on your mood. Color schemes are typically a personal preference and hues of soft green or ocean blue are peaceful and relaxing. Tones such as yellow and red are fiery colors that can bring about enthusiasm and stimulation. Colors for the bathroom and bedroom areas of a home should be soothing and bright since you spend a great deal of time in these rooms. Whether it’s a soft, neutral¬†gray print for the bedroom wall or a bright multi-colored one for the den, hung art can also be utilized to set the mood for a room. Fabrics and textures that feel good against the skin and luxurious can add an air of elegance and decadence to any mood. Stay away from materials that itch and are rough to the touch.

Add a Touch of Nature

Incorporating simple touches of nature can enlighten and enrich your mood. Low maintenance houseplants, dried flower arrangements, branches, pine cones and shells are simple ways to add organic decor to every room in your home. Paintings, prints and other collectibles with a nature scheme can create a warm environment to your living space. Other natural accents include reclaimed mirrors and wood furnishings. Feng shui is the Asian theory that brings about spirituality and balance to your mood through the placement of furnishings and objects. People that incorporate this theory into their own home decor feel at peace upon entering their home. Aromatherapy, the use of various natural scents to improve the mood, can also be used in the home through air fresheners, candles, or incense.

Light Up Your Living Space

Dimly lit rooms and dark corners can appear claustrophobic and unsettling. Find appropriate window treatments and curtains that allow privacy while letting in the sun. After dusk, place a number of bright lamps and overhead lights in every room of the house to keep gloomy thoughts away.

The way in which you decorate your home can have a major impact on your mood. People who are surrounded with brilliant colors, well-lit rooms, natural furnishings and rich fabrics are more likely to feel happy than those in the midst of darkness and clutter.

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