Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drains

Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drains

Do you ever wash things down the drain instead of clearing your mess the right way? We are all guilty of doing it at one point in time or another. In fact, some of us have done it so many times that we can’t keep tabs on the environmental damage we have caused.  Yes, you heard that right. Not paying attention to what you wash away in your drain indirectly contributes to the overall deterioration of our ecosystem.

If you don’t care about the planet so much, you must care about your money because washing away waste in the drain can lead to a catastrophic plumbing problem. Small things that we often find insignificant while washing away in the drain can clog our drains completely.

Even in developed countries like Australia, blocked drains and plumbing issues are common occurrences due to the negligence of homeowners in using these systems. Thankfully, there are some trusted professionals dealing in blocked drains who are just a call away to fix all your problems.

So if you want to help the environment and save yourself the trouble of paying for plumbing fix every other month, here is a list of things you should avoid washing down your drains at all costs:

1. Eggshells

You might think that the blades in your drainage system are powerful enough to do away with some fragile eggshells, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Small pieces of eggshell can stick to other sticky waste and clog your pipes.

Furthermore, the egg membrane that is attached to the inside of the shells hinders the movement of the drain’s blades as well. You can dispose of your eggshells in a more environmentally friendly way by opting to use them in composting instead of throwing them away in the drain.

2. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are another common thing people wash away in the drain that damages their entire plumbing system. These collect in one place which will later create a snowball effect on your house’s plumbing system.

Mornings are usually very hectic, and people don’t think much about the environment or their plumbing when they are running late to work. No matter how busy you are, try to avoid washing away coffee grounds in the drain and go for an alternative method. Once again, coffee grounds are great for your composting mix as they provide nitrogen to plants.

3. Pasta

Packaged pasta can damage your plumbing system beyond repair because of the ingredients used in it. No matter how carefully you handle your pasta while getting rid of its wastewater in the drain, some pasta will make its way into your drain and get stuck in it.

Wastewater from boiling pasta and pasta both have semolina in them that swells even if you’ve disposed of it in the drain. Its swelling nature makes it a potential threat to your house’s entire plumbing system.

4. All Kinds of Oil

Oils of all kinds are harmful to your drain as they tend to solidify down the drain and stick to other waste going down your drain as well. Oil particles coming together in your drain system can jam its whole working altogether and make you pay a hefty plumbing bill.

Whether it is a vegetable oil or unfiltered motor oil, they both shouldn’t go down your drain at any cost. You might think oils are fluid and won’t cause damage to your plumbing, but their nature is the thing that blocks your drain system.

Mayonnaise and few other oil-based sauces shouldn’t be washed away in your drain system as well.

5. Fats and Grease

Food cooked in fat such as steak and other meat dishes can be the cause of most of your plumbing problems. You can see fat particles and grease going down the drain while washing dishes, skewers, and grills. Even your hands will feel sticky and slippery while handling grease and fat which is enough proof of why these two shouldn’t be washed away in your drain.

6. Fruit Pulp

There is no rocket science behind this item making into this list as the reasons are apparent. Fruits like oranges, strawberries, and watermelon, etc. have fragmented pulp that either has intricate membranes or seeds, making it hard for the drainage system to get rid of them.

For instance, washing away orange waste in the drain after squeezing its juice will help you realize how it clogs your drain system drastically – the pulp gets stuck in the blades, hindering their movement.

7. Flour or Powder of Any Kind

It is easy to understand why this item made into our list. Flour and powder of any kind will turn into something slime-like when exposed to water. The sticky nature of dough is enough to alarm you about its harmful impact on your drain system.

8. Rice

You might have heard of the absorbing nature of rice which makes it something that should never go down your drain. It swells and thickens in the drain pipes after being exposed to water for too long.

9. Animal Litter

No matter what you do, you should never wash away litter in your drain. It doesn’t only block your drain but results in your living conditions becoming extremely unhygienic. Microorganisms such as bacteria, vermin, and parasites, can find their way in your drainage system which can expose you to several diseases at once.

10. Paint

If you are a painter, then you might have washed your paintbrushes in the sink without thinking much of it, but we have bad news for you. All that paint will cause your drain system to act up eventually because of stubborn chemicals included in the paint.

Bottom Line

Our list is short compared to the list of items that plumbers find disastrous for drains. But if you manage to prevent these items from going down your drain, you will be able to avoid most types of blockage and drainage problems.

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