5 Tips For Better Home Security

5 Tips For Better Home Security

In this day and age more break-in’s happen during the day than at night. While this may come as a surprise, most thieves have cottoned on to the fact that both spouses tend to work these days, leaving empty houses that are ripe for the picking.

One would think that with high-end security systems, overly zealous neighborhood watchmen and our ever faithful canine companions in place that the possibility of burglary would be slim to none. Sadly, this isn’t the case and burglaries are still common occurrences.

Here are some measures you can take to deter criminals from targeting your home:

1. Create the illusion that your house is occupied

Like courage the cowardly dog, most thieves are afraid of confrontation and will skip-over a house if there’s a chance that someone’s home.

During the day, this could mean setting a radio or TV on and one of the harder to reach windows open, so the noise can be heard from the outside.

At night, leaving a light on near the entrance of the house, so that it can be seen from the street is an effective way to give passers by the false impression that it’s occupied.

2. Re-think your spare key strategy

Hiding a spare set of keys under the big rock in the corner of the garden or the front door mat worked once upon a time, but burglars like regular people have evolved and gotten wise to this.

Handing the keys over to a neighbor or a friend is one option.  This way if you need to get hold of your keys, it’s as easy as making a phone call and walking over to get them. You also won’t have to worry about someone making a guest appearance, if on the off chance they find do discover your hiding place.

If you’re dead set on hiding the keys somewhere on your property, be smart about it. If your strategy is to bury them, make sure that you leave no traces of where it’s buried. Another idea is to hide a fake set of keys in a fake rock or in one of the classic places (under the door mat, in the pot plant etc.) and give the real set of keys to a friend or family member to look after.

3. Get an alarm

There are two things that burglars can’t stand. Not being able to steal things, and attention. The noise an activated alarm system makes isn’t going to physically stop them from stealing things, but it’ll draw plenty of attention. There are a number of systems available and you can even go the full surveillance route, if you feel it’s necessary.

Larger properties or estates usually have surveillance cameras that send feeds back to a control room, which will then be used by the security team to monitor activity.

4. Do some gardening

An unkempt garden with overgrown vegetation provides burglars with places to hide. Take some time to work in the yard and cut back shrubs, hedges or bushes that the uninvited could use as refuge points.

5. We’ve got movement

Install motion sensor lighting near the front and back entrances to the house. Some light fittings can be converted, so check before you go out and buy new ones. If you have a pathway through your garden or leading up to your house, install yard lights along the way. Not only will it be easier to see what’s going on, your garden will also look more attractive by night.

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