How to Choose Wallpaper for Home Decoration

How to Choose Wallpaper for Home Decoration

Wallpaper has become one of the mainstream products on home decoration market recently. Wallpaper has diversified choice on color and pattern. People can get all the style they want from wallpaper. Then what is the things customer should pay attention to choose wallpaper?


Customer need to pay attention to all the details of wallpaper when shopping. Usually high quality wallpaper will have no flaw even on the packaging and mark. Companies focusing on quality will obedience to the idea of concise but not simple. They will make their package simple but elegant.


The first thing customer should consider when choosing wallpaper is personal preference. The higher the wallpaper pattern definition is, the better the quality is. Except pattern definition, uniform color, no chromatic aberration is the standard for high quality wallpaper.

Color fastness

The way to identify the color fastness of wallpaper is very simple: scrub with wet tissue or wet rag. This is particular important when choose wallpaper with stereoscopic pattern and light color. Good color fastness means easy to clean and can maintain its color for long period.

Touch feeling

Someone said that the quality of wallpaper is decided by its thickness. This is not correct. In fact, the quality of wallpaper has close relation to the paper characteristics, technology and wear-resistance.

Rub fastness

Rub fastness directly reflect the quality of wallpaper. High quality wallpaper can be scrubbed simply and have no influence on its quality. There would be damage or water spot on poor quality wallpaper after scrubbing. Here is the way to test the rub fastness of wallpaper: stain the wallpaper with pencil; then remove the stain with eraser; no mark says the wallpaper has good quality, on the contrary, the quality of wallpaper is poor.


Poor waterproofness will make the wall pasting wallpaper go moldy. Customer can test the waterproofness of wallpaper by dropping water on it; wait for 2 to 3 minutes to see whether the water is soaked or not.

Environmental protection performance: the environmental protection performance of wallpaper has direct relation to our health. Check whether there is peculiar smell. There would be no peculiar smell on Eco-friendly wallpaper. Burning is another way to test the environmental protection performance of wallpaper: burnt totally and have no pungent smell, dense smoke proves the wallpaper is safe.

Hope the methods mentioned above can help customers find the satisfied wallpaper. Remember to make full preparation before choosing and ask the maintenance tips for wallpaper. Good maintenance tips can prolong the service life of wallpaper. Find more home improvement tips here.

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