Updating Your Garden Ready for Summer

Updating Your Garden Ready for Summer

When the weather is cold and wet or dull and dreary, the last thing any of us really want to do is head outside and spend time in our garden. For that reason, many of our gardens often get left to their own devices over the colder months and we leave our gardens be as everything shuts down for the winter. Huddling inside in the warm, most of us rarely spare a thought for our gardens during winter. Save for the odd occasional glance and mutterings of, “I really must get around to doing that,” our minds are occupied elsewhere. So now that the bulk of winter is behind us and our thoughts are starting to look ahead to long, lazy days and summer holidays, our attention begins to turn back to our gardens once again.

Unsurprisingly, many of us will find that the slight neglect our gardens have felt over winter has resulted in our once-perfect spaces now looking a little rough around the edges. Maintaining a well-kept garden can be a highly time-consuming task, and at the start of the season, you may well find yourself struggling to get things back to how they used to be.

However, this is no reason to despair or give up on your garden completely. Gardening is an extension of home improvement – after all, you wouldn’t let your home fall into disrepair, so there is really no excuse to let your garden do so either.

Updating your garden and getting it looking great ready for the summer ahead needn’t be a daunting task. Tackle it in stages and focus on upkeep as well as adding additional features to your garden in order to make the job manageable. Once you get started, you will probably find that the task isn’t as arduous as you were expecting – as soon as you start gardening and tidying things up a bit, you will quickly begin to see results.

Plants and Flowers

For the keen gardener, seeing a garden full of beautifully blooming flowers, plants and greenery is the ultimate reward. Keeping plenty of plants can be time-consuming when it comes to maintenance and upkeep, but for many people, gardening is a worthwhile hobby. That being said, your garden is your own private space to make entirely your own, so don’t feel obliged to go overboard on plants that you know you won’t have the time to care for.

Flowers are the perfect way to add a splash of colour into a dull garden. Choose plants that are suitable for the soil and light levels in your garden to ensure that they flourish. It’s also a good idea to include a variety of flowers that bloom at different times of the year to be sure of an even display despite the season.

For smaller gardens or those who have limited time for gardening, consider planters or hanging baskets to add some greenery that requires minimal effort in upkeep. This way, your garden and outdoor space will still enjoy all the benefits of plant life without the additional time and work needed on your part.

Luscious Lawn

If your lawn is yellowing, patchy, or the family dog has a habit of digging holes in it, this is probably dragging down the look of your whole garden. Lawns can require a lot of work to get them in tip-top condition, what with edging, weeding, and the endless cycle of mowing, but once you get it right your lawn will be the ideal centerpiece for your garden.

However, if things aren’t going to plan, you could always try out artificial grass to ensure a lawn that is looking great all year round. Artificial lawns are easy to install and virtually maintenance free, so if you are struggling to get your natural lawn looking how you want it, a synthetic lawn could well be the solution.

Shed or Greenhouse?

A question many homeowners find themselves asking when embarking on a home improvement project – is a shed or a greenhouse better? Of course, some people opt for both, but a lot of people lack the room to be able to have both.

Greenhouses are perfect for the keen gardener and those who want to try their hand at growing their own fruit or veg. However, sheds are the staple option – a garden without a shed is like a duck without water.

If you are considering investing in one or both of these choices, the best way to decide is to assess the available space and consider if you really need it. If you’re serious about growing your own produce, a greenhouse is a worthwhile investment, but if you are likely to give up after a couple of months, it will just sit there abandoned taking up valuable space in your garden.

Patio or Decking?

A space in which to entertain your friends and family is key, and should definitely be taken into consideration when you are looking at updating the look of your garden. Decking or patio areas are the perfect platform from which you can relax with company and look out over your garden.

Add some patio furniture, an outdoor heater and some fairy lights to complete the look – don’t forget the barbecue!

Child’s Play

If you have children, it is important not to overlook their needs when redesigning your garden. Playing outside is the perfect way for your little ones to run off some of that endless energy and develop their imagination through creative play. Incorporate plenty of space for them to run around, or if you are feeling generous, consider adding a swing, climbing frame, or some other play equipment for your kids to enjoy.

Follow these tips and make your garden into your next big home improvement project. Make gardening a fun task and create a gorgeous garden just in time for the summer months. Once the hard work is done, all that is left to do is sit back and relax, enjoying the results of all that effort!

source: artificiallawn.co.uk

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