Is Vacant Property Security Beneficial

Is Vacant Property Security Beneficial?

Vacant properties of all kinds are vulnerable to a plethora of criminal activities simply because they are empty.  Whether you have moved out of your home and left it unattended or own a commercial building, business, etc., as soon as the criminal community realizes your building is vacant, it becomes an attractive spot to hangout, vandalize, commit theft, live for free, use drugs, and the list goes on.  When you own a vacant building and choose to let security to chance, you risk loss, liability, theft, vandalism, and other damages.

Investing in a reputable security company can help protect your assets for a short period or many years, depending on your needs.  The experts understand the unique security needs of vacant properties and can develop a specialized plan to secure your specific property type fully.  Consider the many reasons why vacant property security is far more than a luxury but a necessity.

Why Is Security So Important Anyway?

Many homeowners go through a transitional season where their home sits vacant until it can be rented or sold after they move into a new residence.  The same is often true of business owners as they move into a larger building or turn a current building into overflow/warehouse space without a secure way to monitor the facility and premises.  A common theme is that the owner feels spending money on security is wasteful since the building is empty.  Sadly, this attitude is mistaken as empty buildings are at a much-increased risk of criminal activity.  Continue reading to learn more about common issues that befall vacant buildings.

Breaking and Entering

Once it becomes known that a home or building has been left empty and unattended, thieves often see it as a tempting location to ransack and/or steal from.  If your building is used to house extra materials, thieves will be more than happy to skim from your supplies.  Moreover, even if your building or house is “empty” many owners fail to consider that thieves will steal directly from the components of the buildings for scrap metal, copper, appliances, and parts leaving your building without important high-dollar items.  This can be quite problematic if you are planning to list your home or rent it and suddenly all appliances are gone and the pipes in your home no longer work.  It is also possible that when the thieves remove important parts from your home/building more devastating safety hazards and damage may occur like water or fire damage.

In some cases, theft may be the least of your worries, as the issue is vandals rather than thieves.  Far too many owners have found out the hard way that some people simply seek enjoyment out of damaging and destroying vacant buildings.  This can result in costly repairs and other dangers, in addition to liability issues.

Unwelcome Occupants

In the current climate, many people find themselves homeless.  Often if a building or home is left empty, those who have come upon hard times may see this as a solution to their problem.  Before you know it, you may have one or several people occupying your empty building with the assumption that they aren’t hurting anyone.  This can lead to damage, filth, difficulty getting people to leave, legal issues, and liability.  Simply put, you don’t want to wait until this has already become a problem, preventative action is always the best policy.


Natural elements like water, freezing temperatures, and fire can become quite problematic in the context of vacant buildings.  Many owners choose to shut off the electricity to save money in an unoccupied building.  However, when the cold temperatures of winter arrive, this often leads to frozen and even busted pipes.  When temperatures rise and pipes thaw out, damaged pipes may result in flooding and severe damage to the facility.  Be mindful that even if you continue to heat the building, other issues may arise, resulting in leaks that may go undetected until severe damage has already occurred.

If water is not problematic enough, it is also possible for a fire to start in a vacant building because of a malfunctioning electrical outlet, heater, water heater, etc.  Even worse is the possibility that a fire may be intentionally started by an arsonist.  Just like vandals, arsonists are attracted to empty buildings as they are unlikely to get caught.  Another possibility is that an unwelcome occupant may try cooking over an open flame in a fireplace, on a grill, or attempt lighting by candles which could result in an accidental fire with the possibility of injuries and subsequent liability issues.

So, What Can Be Done?

With the many vulnerabilities that empty properties face, it quickly becomes apparent that something must be done to prevent these serious issues from becoming a problem at your building/home.  The best line of defense is with trained security guards who understand the unique vulnerabilities of vacant properties and the best ways to monitor and secure them.  The peace of mind offered by a security plan and presence makes the investment well worth it.

How Does It Work?

The first step in securing your vacant property is to allow a reputable security company to come evaluate your property and make an individualized security plan that fully addresses any vulnerabilities, as well as how your property will be kept secure.  Once the evaluation is completed and the plan made, it can be set into motion with the experienced and vigilant presence of security guards.  Trained guards will have an extensive understanding of vacant properties and the unique security plan that is in place for your property.

What Types of Things Will Be Done to Keep My Vacant Property Secure?

Security guards typically implement several general practices to keep vacant properties safe.  One of the most effective methods is regular foot patrols of the property both inside and outside at random intervals.  Completing patrols at random makes it more difficult for criminals as they cannot predict when a guard will appear.  Furthermore, should they notice leaks, hazards, fires, or trespassers, guards will immediately contact the property authorities, as well as the owner of the home/building so the situation can be effectively mitigated before serious damage occurs.

Guards can also secure points of entry to ensure no one is getting onto the property that should not be there.  They will be vigilant to watch for any suspicious people, activities, or cars that may be looking for trouble.  This reduces liability issues exponentially as you don’t have to worry about someone squatting on your property or becoming injured when they never should have been there in the first place.

Vacant property guards provide so many wonderful services to keep your vacant home, building, or property secure!  Don’t risk leaving a vacant property unprotected; consider if security guards could be the right investment for you!

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