Some Very Useful Home Security Tips

Some Very Useful Home Security Tips

Our homes, our families, and our belongings are the most important aspects of our lives. Our families’ safety and security is of utmost importance. Yet, we live in a world where safety isn’t always guaranteed.

FBI statistics show that a burglary happens in the U.S. every 15.4 seconds. Take a look at that stat again: every 15.4 seconds. So, what are the best ways for you to protect not only your belongings, but your most precious of assets: your family?

Below, let’s take a look at some expert advice on the best home security tips for you and your loved ones.

Alarms, Facebook, and Vacation provides a starter guide on safety for worried homeowners. First and foremost, alarm systems can be solid deterrents to criminals because they raise the possibility of actually getting caught. It’s important to note that signs and/or other decals illuminating the fact that your home is under protection should be placed CLEARLY on the lawn and windows. This announces that your home is under watch and can be a deterrent for potential burglars.

We know about alarms, but what about less visible means of protection? Say you’re about to head out for the Cabo vacation: you head onto Facebook or Twitter, to announce your two-week stay in a summer paradise is about to begin. But who are we actually sharing this information with? Just friends? Or the entirety of the Internet?

When it comes to announcing your weeks long vacation plans, simply be smart. Tell your closest friends and family — and like we’ll see below — notify some of your nearby (and most trustworthy) neighbors in order to add that extra layer of security while you are away. Use light timers to simulate someone in your home and purchase some (bright) exterior lights which can further deter prowling criminals.

ADT also offers tips for protecting your home. Many, such as lowering your phone’s ringer when you’re away or not leaving a note for service people when you’re not home, can be helpful additions to your daily safety regiment and provide the necessary protection for the most important aspects in your life.

How to Stop the Criminal Mind

Most burglaries will involve a selection process, according to Chris E. McGoey over at Crime Doctor. McGoey — a CPP, CSP, and CAM who’s worked as a trainer, author, speaker, P.I., and security consultant during his years in security management, loss prevention, and investigations — says that burglars will normally choose an empty home which offers them easy access inside, provide good cover from snoopy neighbors, and can offer a variety of escape routes after the crime.

So, how do you minimize this risk? Stay at home all day? That won’t work. McGoey offers solid insights into ways in which you can successfully — and in many cases, quite simply — protect both your family and your belongings.

  • Use high quality Grade-1 or Grade-2 locks on all of your exterior doors; these are locks which will provide the most resistance to potential robbers/burglars who try pinpoint garage and back doors as potential weak entry points.
  • Be sure to input a secondary blocking device on all of your sliding glass doors and windows; this will provide you with an added layer of security should the first lock be bypassed. Try inserting a wooden dowel or stick into the sliding glass door groove/track. This way, movement will be blocked from the outside. With this being said, many sliding glass doors can still be lifted vertically off their track. Head to your local hardware store and ask for products which can assist you in both locking — and blocking — your sliding glass door. For more information on doors, windows, and sliding glass doors, head over to the Crime Doctor webpage and scroll down to the section you’d like to learn more about.
  • According to Chris McGoey, being a good neighbor can also be an effective tool against fighting crime. How so, you ask? Well, get to know your nearby neighbors and it will be a two-way street: you can look out for their properties and they can do the same for you when you’re away.
  • Home safes can also be a helpful addition and provide an extra layer of personal protection for your most cherished items.

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