Best Home Security Locks for You

Best Home Security Locks for You

The thought of an intruder gaining entry to our home while we sleep is enough to give any homeowner a fright. With the increase of break-ins, burglaries and forced entries home security is becoming increasingly important to the homeowner.

When it comes to home security, you simply can’t be too careful. After all, it’s not just your possessions that you’re protecting; it’s your family too.

This article will examine some of the best home security locks that you can buy and install into your property. Choosing the best door lock requires an evaluation of your door type, as well as some research into the kind of lock that you want to install and he best products in the market for that lock type.

Basic Lock Considerations

There are a number of basic lock considerations that you will need to bear in mind when choosing your lock.


Most locks that you can purchase from a hardware store have been graded according to the standards set by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association). Locks and security products are graded from Grade One to Grade Three, with Grade One being the highest with regards to function, integrity and the level of security.

Protection against force

Some locks will include strike plates with extra long three inch screws to help protect the door against forceful attacks. If the lock you choose does not include extra long screws then you can consider other bolstering options, such as doorjamb reinforcement kits which can significantly increase the strength of your door.

Protection against implements

When intruders can’t break a lock with force they will often choose an implement to use for gaining entry. Implements favored by intruders include saws, drills and lock picks.

  • Saw Resistant Locks – Intruders have taken to trying to saw through a deadbolt in order to get through a door. In response to this attack, lock manufacturers have created saw-resistant deadbolts.
  • Drill Resistant Locks – The drill is a common tool for would be intruders, and a number of locks are now fitted with hardened still chips that will break a drill bit when a burglar attempts to break in.
  • Lockpick Resistant Locks – Saws, drill and brute force can be very noisy, and the inconspicuous intruder will sacrifice speed in favor of noise reduction. Using a lockpick an intruder can manipulate the locking mechanism within a door to gain entry. Lock manufacturers counter against this form of attack by covering components within the lock to make them harder to manipulate using lock picking tools.

Spring latch locks

A spring latch lock (also known as a slip bolt lock) offers the minimal amount of security, but they are the least expensive and the easiest to fit to a door.  These are an ideal solution if you’re looking for a cost effective security solution. Essentially, these locks work by locking the doorknob of the door.

However, these locks are prone to vulnerabilities, from brute force attacks (with a hammer) or with applied pressure in the right places. You may need to modify your doorknob and lock with a protective metal plate to prevent these kinds of attacks.

Deadbolt locks

The deadbolt works by bolting the door into the frame. Three main components are used to operate the deadbolt lock:

  • a). An external facing cylinder that is operated by a key
  • b). An internal facing thumb turn that is operated by a person inside the property
  • c). A throw or bolt which slides in and out of the door jamb based on the interaction with the cylinder or thumb turn

Deadbolt locks should be made of tough, durable materials such as steel, bronze or brass.

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