10 Things To Do If You Are Allergic To Dust

Dust allergy is one of the most common among all kinds of allergies. Dust mites are small organisms that used to feed on dust particles and things of such nature. As dust is the thing that is present almost everywhere and one cannot put an end to it, this is the reason that dust mites cannot cease to exist. As long as their food is there they are not going anywhere.

Weirdly, you have noticed that dust allergy always starts just after home cleaning, vacuuming and dusting, because in doing so dust particles get mixed in the air, otherwise they are settled on the surface and you are not inhaling them. It is always better to use an air purifier for dust. According to an estimate, almost 20 million Americans are currently trying to deal with this allergy and forced to take proper medication and dependent on getting daily treatment.

If you are also allergic to this small bug then you must take proper precautions to avoid severity. There are several causes but one can avoid them by taking care of simple things. Pay heed to these following tips and make your allergy an easy to deal with:

1. Make sure your place is not overly packed

To deal with dust mites, try to make a place that is not overly packed. Choose wooden flooring instead of a marble one. In this way, your floor will attract little dust particles and make them stay stick to the ground. On the other hand, marble flooring gets more dust and stir them up even on little brushing as this floor is more slippery and has a more fine texture.

Additionally, if you and any of your family member is dust allergic then remove all the carpeting from your house. Because carpets and rugs attract the dust mites double times more in comparison to wooden or marble floors.

2. Use the right fabric

Fabric matters a lot. As some people are allergic to wool and some from velvet. Therefore if you catch dust allergy very easily then you need to check the fabric you are wearing and sleeping on. This problem is very common and has made the demand very high. Markets are full of a variety of fabrics. You can easily find mite free linen and fabric as well as pillows and bedspreads.

3. Wash more frequently

Try to change the bed covers, table covers, tabletops, bedsheets, cushion covers, drapes, and clothes more frequently. Wearing and using washed and clean things make you able to get better more easily. Germs are everywhere and if you think that these little things cannot improve your condition then you are completely wrong. These little and simple tips can save you from getting into the most critical situation. Washing is also another most important feature and cannot be ignored no matter what.

4. Take care of cleanliness

Cleanliness matters a lot for people who are dealing with a dust allergy. Daily cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming are essential. So your place will not get the dust storms on brushing. Daily cleaning makes less room for dust to be present. Especially the use of liquid washers, antibacterial solutions and wipes add huge differences.

5. Try to keep pets at a distance

Pet’s fur can be very dangerous and may get you a serious dust mite. Their fur is made of a very thin strand of hair that is inhalable and can easily pass through your nasal area. This is why, if you’re allergic to dust then such fur hair can make it more serious or turn into asthma or more serious respiratory disease. If you are a pet lover and wanted to keep them in your place regardless of your allergies then make sure they are always clean, get them to brush daily so their broken hair can be removed, take care of their bathing period and make them stay at a safe distance from yourself.

6. Keep the level of humidity in check

Use humidifier and air filter to get rid of the dust mites. Also, you can use essential Eucalyptus oil and Lavender oil with warm water. Take a few drops of the oil and mix them in water or diffuser. In this way, you can deactivate the dust mites and neutralize the air texture. These oils are anti-inflammatory in nature and help in treating respiratory soaring and allergic reactions of such kind.

7. Use these easy home remedies

Home remedies are the most usable cure when it comes to dealing with allergies. At initial stages, these cures work wonders and can make increase your immunity level upon regular intake. Some simple home remedies include herbal teas, Wasabi, ghee, and honey. There are several herbal teas but most common of them are peppermint tea, Green tea, Nettle leaf tea, cinnamon tea, ginger tea, and cardamom tea. These are the most effective and very easy to make. The recipe is the same for everyone just change the ingredients and your drink is ready.

For one cup, take an almost one and a half cup of water, boil it fully, add green tea leaf into it, make it boil for one-minute maximum and your drink is ready. Take this with honey and lemon to get better results.

Wasabi, a Japanese vegetable, easily available in grocery stores, take two to three leaves and grind them. It is very useful for the time when you have been attacked by the allergy.

8. Use saline sprays

Saline spray use is very easy and effective. Water mixed with salt and baking soda can neutralize the dust mites. Make sure to spray it in the air, not on the surface.

9. Increase your vitamin intake

Vitamins are antioxidants in nature and are highly recommended against dust allergy. Increase your vitamin intake either by food or artificially. But make sure you are taking it in the required amount.

10. Place indoor plants

Plants are the best anti-allergy fighter and by keeping them indoors you are doing yourself a great favor. Bamboo and lady palm plants are highly recommended.

By doing these little efforts you can fight with the serious dust allergy. They are not big in scale but have made great effects on your health.


To recover and deal with the pain this can an essential medicine. Another most important remedy is the use of ghee (clarified butter). It works great in the times of allergy attacks. If your allergies become uncontrollable and painful then this can give you relief for quite some time.

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