9 Best Building & Home Refurbishment Trends

9 Best Building & Home Refurbishment Trends

For those planning a development or home refurbishment this year, take a look at the latest trends and concepts to bring your property and lifestyle up to date. These are going to be some of the biggest and best trends of the year – find some inspiration for your project here.

1. Minimalism

Minimalist living continues to be a big trend into 2018, as large houses and more modest spaces become ever more popular. Living free from clutter and waste is a concept people are getting on board with, and many who choose to build their own places are creating size-appropriate, clean, unfussy homes.

2. Lean Construction

‘Lean’ construction is a notion that takes into account continuous development during building projects, allowing plans to change as move forward. It also integrates more environmentally-friendly efforts into construction to minimize waste, and encourages salvage, recycling and reusing. Overall, this method of construction is said to help minimize costs and maximize value.

3. Decking & Pergolas

Especially if you live in a place that benefits from sunny weather, installing a deck and pergola in your garden is a great way to make the most of your outside space. Enjoy BBQs on your terrace, and shade under the pergola when you need it. (A pergola is a frame construction that looks amazing with plants growing up it, and a dining table or furniture set underneath.)

If you live in Australia, check out NRA Constructions, who are the best builders in the Hills District of NSW to renovate your garden and other improvements in the home.

4. Beautiful Bathrooms

The bathroom is back, after the wet room trend that swept through previous years. Baths are the perfect way to relax after a long day, and let’s face it, having an entirely damp room isn’t always convenient. Stand-alone baths are a timeless classic investment for your home which will hold value for years to come.

5. Pops of Color

Who said minimalism had to be neutral and boring? Not us. While the concept aims to make the best use of light and open spaces, this doesn’t mean forgoing interesting designs or bright colors.

Install a red sofa; a yellow painting; a royal blue rug; purple cupboard doors; some emerald curtains… Maybe not all in the same room, but you get the idea.

6. Strong Accents

Concrete, stone and granite have made a comeback to join their marble cousin and become a staple for chic worktops and surfaces. Offset functional grey tones in your kitchens and bathrooms with playful colors in other areas for on-trend interiors.

7. Statement Lighting

Pendant lights and exposed bulbs are back in. Choose vintage-style aged metal pendants, particularly in ever-popular copper. Go for oversized exposed bulbs with the brightness muted, suspended by chains for an industrial feel. Pair with photography studio-esque free-standing spotlight lamps for a very NYC penthouse feel.

Gone are the days of recessed ceiling lights and heavy chandeliers – it’s back to basics for now.

8. Modern Farmhouse

Exposed woodwork, brickwork, bare floors, porches, verandas – anything that wouldn’t look out of place in a deep south American farmhouse, you need it. This style is homely, cozy, timeless, and makes great use of the outdoor space on your property. Enjoy sunsets on the porch and chilly evenings wrapped in a blanket on your veranda.

This theme adds an element of history and charm to your home that will never go out of fashion. Plus, stripping your house to the bare bones makes life much easier if you decide to redecorate in the future.

9. Multi-Functional Leisure Rooms

Some people lament the loss of formal dining and reception rooms – but this hasn’t strictly happened. The modern way is now to use them for more purposes than just sitting or dining. A reception room might now include a reading nook and musical instruments; while the dining room might have a bar or a space for your library.

We no longer compartmentalize our homes like we used to, and that’s a good thing. It doesn’t mean these spaces are overcrowded, they’ve just evolved to meet modern needs. Most of us recognize now that a whole room just for dining is unnecessary!

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