5 Tips to Moving Large Furniture to Your New House

5 Tips to Moving Large Furniture to Your New House

Moving is a stressful experience. From the upheaval to your routines to the cost of moving to search through boxes for weeks to come, there aren’t many people who can claim they like moving. One of the biggest stressors people have when moving is figuring out how to move their oversized furniture from one location to another.

When you fall in love with a new spot, it’s pretty normal for people to spend a good deal of time imagining what they’re life is going to look like once they’re comfortably moved in. However, while dreaming is all well and good, there’s a lot you’ll need to get from point A to point B, and that becomes glaringly obvious when you start to consider how exactly you’re going to get your largest, heaviest, or most oddly-shaped furniture comfortably into your new space–without breaking yourself or the furniture.

If you’re moving, here are five tips we can offer on how to move large furniture into your new house:

1. Use tools

Just because you need to get the couch to the door doesn’t mean you need to carry it all the way there. Invest in tools that will help you move your furniture like plastic sliders, moving dollies, and straps. All of these small tools can help save your back and make it much easier to move large items of furniture.

2. Avoid dangerous spots

If you’re alone or with just one friend and neither of you is experienced movers, don’t try to move heavy furniture up and down stairs. Not only will the stress of it probably shorten your lifespan and ruin your friendship, but there’s a real risk that you may hurt yourself trying this. One slip and you hurt yourself or, at the very least, severely damage your furniture.

3. Measure, measure, and measure again

When you’re assessing a new spot to move to, make sure that you measure rooms carefully before starting the move. There’s nothing worse than going through a move only to realize the place where you imagined your antique desk would go, or the spot you wanted to put your dining room table won’t work because it’s not big enough. Not great with a measuring tape? Consider investing in a laser measure that will help you quickly and easily figure out how big space is. Oh, and don’t forget to measure the furniture too.

4. Assess whether you need help

Some items of furniture you should never attempt to move on your own. Things that are antiques or delicate or requiring moving up or down stairs should be times when you call in the pros. Large instruments, like pianos, are another item that will need an expert touch. Companies like Piano Movers Of Texas can come and carefully move delicate and expensive pianos without you worrying about them damaging them.

5. Lighten your load

Whatever it is you’re moving, empty it first. Dressers, buffets, even couches, strip them down to the bare essentials to make them lighter. Remove couch cushions, drawers and anything that’s contained inside them. Not only will this stop them from flying off while you’re in the middle of moving the item, but it will also make it lighter overall.

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