Moving Difference Between Local Interstate Movers

When Moving, Know the Difference Between Local and Interstate Movers

Whether It be across town or across the country, moving is a stressful time, and it’s something almost everyone has to endure at least once. Juggling everything to make a move go smoothly is difficult when you’re dealing with all the other things going on in your day-to-day life.

One area that makes a big difference in how well your moving experience goes is the moving company you hire. And the company you hire will depend on whether you’re moving across town or between states, so it’s wise to know the difference between local and interstate movers.

What Makes up Interstate?

Usually, the difference between local and interstate trips are the number of miles. For example, if your journey is less than 50 miles away, it’s thought to be local. However, over 50 miles is considered interstate. Here are four ways your trip is interstate.

  1. Moving from one state to another
  2. Moving from a U.S. state to out of the country
  3. Moving to a place in the same state but the route takes you out of the state
  4. Moving to a place in the same state but the route takes you out of the country.

Local Moving Companies

So, let’s say your trip is in the same state and less than 50 miles, in that case, you’ll need a local moving company. When making your budget, keep in mind that most local movers are paid by the hour, so by hiring more movers, you may get the job done more quickly thus saving money.

Also keep in mind that, unlike interstate movers, local moving companies don’t have to register with the FMCA (Federal Motor Carrier, Safety Administration.) Don’t panic, though because your local mover still has to abide by state moving laws.

When choosing a local moving company, get a written estimate and do plenty of research before choosing one. Ask for references and run them down before you make your final choice.

Interstate Moving Companies

Most interstate moving companies charge by the weight or cubic inch of your items. Also, some make you pay for the cost of fuel. So, if you want to save money during an interstate move, the best way to do it is to lighten the load by getting rid of as much unwanted stuff as you can.

When looking for an interstate moving company, look for one such as U-Haul that allows you to rent a truck in one location and return it when you arrive at your destination. Also, make sure your interstate mover is insured with the FMCA to protect your belongings during the trip.

As with a local mover, do plenty of research on the company you’ll hire before making your final decision.

While moving is hectic no matter what, if you do your research and check references, you should be able to get a top-rated moving company to ease some stress that comes with a move.

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