7 Tips for Setting Up a Guest Bedroom

7 Tips for Setting Up a Guest Bedroom

If there is a place in your home where you can let your creativity run wild, it’s the guest bedroom. While the style can resemble the rest of your home, you also have an option to create something unique. Either way, there are some things every guest room should have. If you want your guests to feel comfortable and at home, certain things are a must. Therefore, we will explore seven tips for setting up a guest bedroom in your home.

1. Set up a comfortable sleeping area

The essential element of a guest bedroom is a comfortable bed that will ensure your guests have a good night’s sleep. Even if the room does not have an actual bed but a sofa or air mattress, it can be cozy and inviting. Invest a bit more and add a few good-quality pillows, too. Some people prefer to sleep on multiple pillows.

Moreover, make sure the bedding you use is clean and fresh, and that there are no stains. To ensure your guests feel welcome, make the bed before they have arrived. Also, a few throw pillows and decorative curtains will make the room feel cozy and welcoming.

Finally, make sure to put out some extra linens and comforters in case your guests spill something or get cold. You wouldn’t want them wandering around in the dark looking for these.

Another great addition would be a guest bathroom that can be accessed from the bedroom. If this is the case, make sure to clean it thoroughly and put out some soft towels. If you don’t have this option but only one bathroom, set up a small space for all of their toiletries. You can also add some plants and scented candles to make it cozier.

2. Make sure there is enough light

Nothing beats huge windows and an abundance of natural light. However, even if the room you have dedicated for your guests lacks such a feature, you can compensate with artificial lighting.

Strategically placed wall lamps and a ceiling medallion will ensure enough light. Also, bedside lamps will allow your guest to enjoy some bedtime reading. These lighting fixtures and lamps can also do wonders for your decorating efforts. For example, a chandelier is an excellent statement piece that is both practical and decorative. 

A bright and tastefully decorated guest bedroom
A comfortable bed, a lot of light, a small workspace, and enough storage are all qualities of a well-decorated guest bedroom.

A comfortable bed, a lot of light, a small workspace, and enough storage are all qualities of a well-decorated guest bedroom.

Alt: A bright and tastefully decorated guest bedroom.

If you want to go the extra mile, a makeup mirror with a light is a great choice. You can place it on the nightstand or desk. Alternatively, you can add small accent mirrors to both provide decoration and practical use.

3. Decorate to your guests’ taste

Since you are setting up a guest bedroom, decorating it in your own style may not be the best way to go. Thus, try to stick with a more neutral style and then add some decorative pieces to suit each guest’s taste.

You can easily personalize the guest bedroom with some flowers, for example, if you know what your guests like. You can also have the bedding in several colors and choose the one your guests will like.

4. Set up a small workspace

It would be wrong to assume that your guests will only sleep in the room. Due to the global pandemic, many people have resorted to remote working. Therefore, setting up a small workspace is an excellent idea.

A small desk, a comfortable chair, and a desk lamp, close to a power outlet, are all you need. If space and your skills allow, you can build a window seat with a bookcase and provide them with a quiet and pleasant area for work.

5. Little extras go a long way

Adding a few extra features will go a long way in making your guests feel welcome. So, an inviting guest bedroom should include some luxuries they can only enjoy at home.

Enough soft and fresh towels and a bathrobe will make your guest feel like they are in a hotel. Also, dark curtains might be just what your guests need for a good night’s sleep. If they have flown out to see you, they will surely appreciate the gesture.

It would also be good to make a list of all the local attractions you think your guests might enjoy. Short descriptions and directions to these spots will let your guests make the most of their trip to your city.

Finally, if your guests are staying for an extended period, be sure to provide them with their own set of keys. That way, they can let themselves in and out if you are not at home.

6. Provide enough storage space

Storage is another necessity in a guest bedroom. You need to ensure that your guests have enough space to put their clothes. Keeping all their clothes in a suitcase will only lead to them constantly borrowing an iron.

Thus, clear out the closet in your guest bedroom and let your guests unpack. If you don’t know what to do with the items you have to take out, put them in a portable storage container. This is a great way to save some space and allow your guests to have all the room they need.

Also, a floating shelf will be a great storage solution and a decorative piece.

7. Don’t forget about their pets

People often travel with their pets, so you have to consider this when setting up a guest bedroom. A dog bed and food and water bowls are more than enough to show that your guest’s dog or cat is also welcome. Finally, leaving a few treats will help the furry guest feel at home as well. If you are worried about allergies or pet hair, you can always hire professional cleaning services after your guests have left. Professional cleaners can also help you prepare your home for guests, so if you don’t have the time to clean the room yourself, leave this task to experts.

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