Create the Perfect Pergola for Your Home

Create the Perfect Pergola for Your Home

Building a pergola is a wonderful way to add value to your home. Primarily, a pergola is a low-cost landscaping feature that offers support for vines to create a focal point in the garden. It can also create a sheltered space for relaxing and entertaining. Pergolas range from simple, streamline designs to more elaborate, complex structures that complement or even enhance the architectural style of your home. They are easy to tailor to meet the needs of any home or budget, and take as little time as a weekend to erect.

Create the Perfect Pergola for Your Home

What Is a Pergola?
A pergola is a traditional feature found in gardens. Columned structures were common throughout the Mediterranean region and are a part of the Tuscan-style courtyard design. Here, simple roof trusses give a supporting frame for grapevines and overenthusiastic wisteria to ramble. These whimsical plants provide shade throughout the warmer months, only to lose their leaves in winter to allow the sunlight in when it is most welcomed. Today, the term “pergola” describes a structure that has wooden legs, support beams and roof trusses.

Why Choose a Pergola?

Pergolas are classy additions to any home and are easily tailored to blend with existing buildings. They increase the value of your property. Pergolas are also a great way to develop under-utilized space in your yard. A correctly placed pergola helps to shield windows from intense summer heat and allows winter light in, which in turns makes the home more energy-efficient. Ultimately, a pergola is a more affordable option for home renovations.

Create the Perfect Pergola for Your Home

What Type of Pergola Is Best For My Home?

It depends on how you wish to use it. They are so adaptable that the sky really is the limit. Below are some points to consider when building a pergola:

1) The Location

Typically, a pergola stands independently in the garden. However, you can attach the structure to existing buildings. This works very well if you are searching for a way to increase your outdoor living areas.

2) The Purpose

The sophisticated presence of a pergola creates a point of interest in the garden. It can be a modest gesture in a traditional cottage garden, or a more regal centrepiece in a formal, more manicured setting. A pergola brings life to a troubled corner of a yard where little will grow. It also ties buildings together by extending the existing roofline. A pergola offers the ability to change or enhance the street appeal of your property too.

3) The Style

A traditional design can complement most homes. But the wondrous thing about pergolas is that they allow you to become a little more creative. The support legs can become features in themselves.

You can create:

  • A colonial style by using turned wood
  • A log cabin effect by using large logs
  • A dramatic, timeless effect by using stone, brick or concrete columns Pergolas traditionally do not have a covered roof; they rely on the climbing vine to produce shade. However, there is no rule stating you can’t cover yours.

Create the Perfect Pergola for Your Home

Some options include:

  • Shade cloth
  • Fiberglass sheeting
  • Retractable shade canopies

You can finish pergolas in many ways too.

  • latticework attached to side walls
  • painted, or stained and varnished
  • render the brick or concrete legs

Whatever the style, pergolas are a great way to create some pizzazz in your garden. They are a low-cost addition that increases the value of your property whilst offering extensions to outdoor living facilities. They can cover lawns, paved areas and even decking. A pergola is truly a treasured addition to any backyard.

About the author: Anna K is a DIY enthusiast and writer from Australia. She writes about diy pergola and verandah designs for Softwoods and several other home improvement websites and blogs.

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