Why Folding Arm Awnings Are Popular

Here’s Why Folding Arm Awnings are Popular

Summers can become extremely unbearable, boring and dull as the temperatures rise and leave us fatigued. As the scorching sun and deadly heat of summer arrive, most of us prefer spending most of our time indoors to get some relief from the harsh weather.

However, you can’t possibly stay indoors throughout the season – you will start feeling low, inactive and depressed after some time. Instead, you need to find a way to make the outdoor area of your home more comfortable, so that you can get some fresh air in summer while avoiding sunburns and the terrible heat. This is where folding arm awnings can be extremely useful.

Folding arm awnings are retractable, overhead shades designed exclusively for outdoor areas. Due to their flexible nature, these awnings are a lifesaver when it comes to acquiring shades; you have the freedom to use them according to your requirements and personal needs.

Folding arm awnings provide an attractive, cost-effective solution to enjoy your summer outdoor along with your family and friends. One reason for their popularity is that they can be used in a variety of places; you could use them to cover your balcony, verandah or porch or even use them as a shade for your windows or doors. If you have a bigger area you wish to cover such as a backyard or barbecue area, you can find large awnings that will do the job efficiently.

Previously, folding arm awnings were not so popular for domestic use; however, with the passage of time, homeowners have become increasingly fond of this useful accessory. A folding arm awning provides an ultimate shield from the sun while ensuring your comfort as you enjoy the great outdoors. There are a number of awnings of various sizes, materials, textures, and colors that you can choose according to your style, need and space requirements. You can check out a wide range of trendy yet affordable folding arm awnings online.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your home before the summer, here are five reasons why you should consider investing in folding arm awnings:

Perfect Outdoor Shade

Folding arm awnings help create an ideal outdoor space for you to unwind along with your friends and family in the summertime. They are an easy installation that keeps your space cool and protected from weather conditions like rain and thunderstorms. They are light in weight, therefore they are easier to set up and move.

In addition to this, they come in various sizes, designs, and textures so you can choose the one that matches the overall aesthetics of your property and is comfortable at the same time. With a perfectly installed folding awning arm, your outdoor area looks chic and modern, without much effort.

Low Maintenance

Folding arm awnings are considerably easy to maintain as they require very little labor input. In order to install a folding arm awning, you just need simple tools as it is not a piece of complex equipment. You can do it yourself if you have the tools or hire a professional who won’t charge much either.  They can be effortlessly opened and closed as per the requirement of the homeowner.

Folding arm awnings are also very easy to clean, with a much lower maintenance cost compared to other similar structures. These awnings are simple structures made from high-quality durable material that doesn’t get damaged even in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Therefore, it is unlikely for them to require any major repairs.

Beneficial in All Weather Conditions

A folding arm awning is amazingly versatile as it is suitable for all types of weather. It not only helps to keep your outdoor area cool in summers but can be equally valuable in the rainy season too — it can protect your outdoor area from the rain and those who love the rain can enjoy it while sitting under the shade.

Similarly, folding arm awnings are useful in winter too as they can protect your area from the snow. Nowadays, everyone loves to host outdoor dinner parties and luncheons at their place; folding arm awnings allow you to conveniently arrange such outdoor parties for family and friends, without the fear of any detrimental weather conditions.

 Visually Appealing

Folding arm awnings can be installed in any outdoor area of your property to add a touch of class to it. You can choose different colors or styles of fabric for a completely new look. If you wish to install them on your door or windows, it is a good idea to go for contrasting color to the rest of your exterior to make them stand out. You can also go for patterned fabric such as stripes to brighten up an otherwise ordinary exterior.

Moreover, if you are looking to install an awning on your terrace, summer colors are like yellow, pink or light blue all make great options. An awning can change the entire setting of the place and make your outdoor areas look so much more appealing.

Provide Optimal Protection

Different types of folding arm awnings are available that provide varying levels of protection. Folding arm awnings with cover boards give basic wind and rain protection whereas the Cassette folding arm awnings provide high-grade protection from weather damage. Moreover, the Box folding awnings are the sturdiest and most resilient variety that provides ultimate protection from any harsh weather conditions that occur.

Cost Effective

Installing a folding arm awning is an economical way to protect yourself from the severity of the weather and its adverse effects during any season of the year, be it summer, winter, autumn or spring. They are available in a variety of price ranges to suit every budget. Folding arm awnings can also be made according to the specific requirement of the homeowner.

Moreover, installing a folding arm awning in your house has great capital value as it considerably increases the value of your property if maintained properly. This can be beneficial when you plan to sell your house anytime later in life.


In a nutshell, folding arm awnings are a very popular option nowadays given their ability to provide comfort, style, and beauty to your house. They can also help you cut down on your energy bills as they will naturally keep your outdoor area as well as your home cool and ventilated during the summer. So, if you are looking for a way to add value to your property, do consider investing in a folding arm awning – you are sure to be satisfied with your choice.

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