How to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

How to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

When you live in a hot climate, keeping your home cool can be difficult. Air conditioning units can be out of your price range and you may need several to keep your entire house at a comfortable temperature. Household fans can be a quick fix, but they use a lot of electricity and can also end up being an expensive option.

If you want to save money in the long run while still cooling off, these tips and hacks could help you stop each room in your house from getting too overheated, so you can enjoy relaxing at home.

The Kitchen

It’s advisable to avoid using your oven and dishwasher in the summer months: they are a major heat source that will cause your rooms to become stuffy and unbearable. Make use of your outdoor BBQ and dine al fresco – this has the added advantage of being fun and social, too. If you do cook indoors, cover any pots with lids and use your cooker hood extractor fan to whip away any hot steam.

We’ve also heard that setting your ceiling fans to counter-clockwise will create a better breeze… this could be worth a try!

While you’re there, you could get creative and try making some new delicious iced drinks recipes that will make you a hit with the whole family. Prepare cold foods like salads for lunch and dinner.

The Bedroom

Although we’re trying to keep it budget, some things are worth investing in. If you have heavy-duty pillows, duvets, mattresses and bed linen, you might want to consider switching them out. Thin cotton sheets are recommended for a cool night’s sleep, as sleeping in the heat can prove near to impossible.

Products that facilitate airflow, like buckwheat pillows, are perfect for keeping you cool. Similarly, the Purple mattress is specially designed not to trap air inside, with a breathable polymer top layer. This means it doesn’t trap air and moisture like other popular traditional or memory foam mattresses and will stop you from getting overheated and sweaty in your sleep.

The Lounge

Prevent your home from becoming a greenhouse by closing your windows, curtains, and blinds. You may think that flinging open all your windows will cool the house down, but letting in the humid air circulate your house will only make things worse.

Sunlight through the glass creates stuffy heat. Eliminate this by shutting your curtains and keeping your rooms in the shade, especially if you have large or a lot of windows. Blackout curtains with plastic backing, in a neutral color, are best recommended for keeping the heat at bay. Open windows and curtains at night to take advantage of the cool night air.

It may look odd, but setting a bowl of ice down where cool air is flowing will circulate refreshing air around your rooms for a lovely cool sea-breeze feeling.

Turning off any unused electricals and appliances will reduce unnecessary heat – don’t keep your TV and computers on standby! Switch off lights in rooms you’re not using for the same effect. This will also save you some money on your bills. Make sure rooms to doors you’re not in are shut, as this will ensure cool air flow stays where you need it.

The Bathroom

Reduce steam from hot showers by setting the temperature to a few degrees cooler than usual or taking shorter showers. If you do create steam, make sure your extractor fan is on for a short time to clear it, or open your windows just long enough to alleviate it. When the heat gets unbearable, there’s nothing better than a cold shower!

The Garden

Planting tall plants in front of your windows will make your garden look pretty as well as maximize shade for your rooms inside!

A huge no-no in a heat wave is using your tumble dryer, which creates a huge amount of heat in your home. Drying your clothes outside on a washing line will take no time in the summer.

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