Tips for Buying Mattress for Back Pain

Tips for Buying Mattress for Back Pain

The fact mattress buying quality can help prevent this problem. In the event that we already have back pain, your purchase can be a good relief. Choosing the wrong mattress could make things difficult for us.

In the following lines we give you all the information you need to know to buy a mattress that provides you with the solution you need.

How to choose a good mattress for back pain?

Many people think that treating back pain requires buying a hard mattress. Mattresses that are presented with a high firmness can be a good solution to mitigate pain, but they are not always the most suitable option.

When looking for a good mattress for back pain, the first thing that should be evaluated is the level of firmness; this is data that is measured from 1 to 10; the value 1 would refer to a completely firm mattress, while the value 10 would refer to a very soft one.

Some studies have concluded that the best firmness value for people with back pain is 5.3. However, there are many factors that must also be taken into account, such as the type of back pain that one has, the weight, the postures we adopt while we are asleep, etc.

For a mattress to end your back pain many variables influence. According to these you should choose one or another type of mattress. But, if it is true that there is a factor that does not vary and is the quality of the mattress.

Choose a mattress according to its firmness for your back pain

Mattresses with high firmness, that is to say with firmness greater than 5, will help you eliminate your back pain. The firmness to choose will vary according to your weight, height, posture you adapt to sleep or even your type of back pain.

A soft firm mattress can also ease your back pain. If this mattress is ergonomic and has good adaptability, it is surely good for you.

Definitive tips

  • Medium firm mattresses are ideal (around 5.5)
  • The mattress should guarantee a good posture on your back. To know if your proper posture, it must be the same as if you were standing.
  • Choose a memory foam mattress as it eliminates pressure and adapts perfectly to the position you adopt to sleep.
  • If your pain suffers in the hips, choose a spring mattress as they provide firmness in the lumbar area

Graphene mattresses: a good solution against back pain

The mattresses graphene can be an interesting alternative to treat back pain. The main advantage of these mattresses is that they are ergonomic, which means that they will adapt perfectly to the back area. They also have memory effect, so each night they will give you the maximum possible comfort, adapting to each user.

They are also characterized by preventing the accumulation of heat, avoiding humidity, not allowing the accumulation of static electricity, being more resistant and having more capacity to adapt than other types of mattresses.

In addition, there are studies that show that this material has a double restorative effect , helping to improve the rest of the people who use them and, at the same time, regulating the temperature based on the conditions.

In conclusion:

  • A medium firmness for the mattress is usually the best alternative.
  • It is also possible that the high firmness works well, but making sure that the padding is soft.
  • In any case, we must be sure to buy a mattress that allows you to maintain a correct posture for your back. A good trick is to check that it helps us to have the same position as if we were standing.

Keep these considerations in mind and you can choose the best mattress to treat back pain problems. If you are thinking of buying a mattress is difficult, do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of the professionals who make up the best, they will be happy to assist you, help you and advise you on everything you need. Also read this to find the best deals on mattresses for back pain:

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