Fairy Tale Mirrors Decor Ideas for Your Little Princess

Fairy Tale Mirrors: Decor Ideas for Your Little Princess

If your daughter is into fantasy and fairy tales, I’m sure that it feels like your whole life revolves around princes and princesses – birthday cakes, fancy dress, the works.  A fairy tale themed bedroom is probably high on the list as well, so we’ve thought of some great ideas to treat your little princess to the room of her dreams and incorporating a few original ideas for some truly great results.

Setting the Scene

The days of patterned pink wallpaper and cutesy designs are over.  As people’s ideas get more and more creative, it now takes a lot more thought to create the perfect fairy tale bedroom.  If you’re handy with a paintbrush, you could design a beautiful scene on the walls which granted, require a lot of time and effort to get right but can be made easier by using a projector to enlarge a picture onto the wall and effectively allowing you to trace your own or a borrowed design onto it.  This is also a great way to update an existing room at very little cost.

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora slept for a hundred years and her bed was fitting for it.  Turn your child’s bed into one fit for a princess by adding stacks of cushions in luxury velvet and silky fabrics and add to the Sleeping Beauty effect by adding a netted canopy to keep out the wicked witch.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Decorative mirrors with elegant frames can truly make a princess’ room special.  Choose ones with floral designs in metallic finishes such as gold and silver for an extra special look.  Large mirrors can give a ‘through the looking glass’ feel à la Alice in Wonderland whilst a smaller rococo style mirror is perfect for recreating scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Belle Armoires

Wardrobe becomes one of Belle’s best friends in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and whilst finding a talking wardrobe may prove difficult, a beautiful armoire can make for a great alternative, and the perfect place for hanging those all-important fancy dress outfits!  Pair it with a matching desk and chairs for the ‘enchanted furniture effect’.

Magical Finishing Touches

Small little touches are a great way to complete the look and feel of the fairy tale room.  Why not take your old jars and bottles and fill them with glitter to create ‘fairy dust’ and those old Christmas lights that are just sitting in the attic are great for adding extra lights around the room

There are plenty of fantastic ways to create a beautiful and unique fairy tale room for your children – take inspiration from their favorite films and create a space that they’ll love to play and sleep in.

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