10 Signs You are Obsessed with Urban Lifestyle

10 Signs You are Obsessed with Urban Lifestyle

Nobody can deny the challenges of living in a city. Pollution, congested houses, traffic, and many other factors might be considered the downsides of city life. Provided the boom of spider lift, you can spot many ongoing constructions in the cities as well.

However, the urban lifestyle is not completely dried of fun. Nobody living in the countryside can wait for the weekend as eagerly as someone living in the heart of Las Vegas. Because, after all, there is so much to do.

As mentioned above, urban life could be unsettling. So how to figure out whether you are the right fit for the urban style of living? Well, you know you are obsessed with a metropolitan if you subscribe to the following stuff:

1. You love to try different food

Typically, people with a rural mindset don’t try anything new unless they are sure about its taste. Be it a party or restaurant, they would mostly be content with the old stuff. But an urban pup would do the exact opposite. He will first taste the new item on the table.

So if your favorite foods range from Asian to European dishes, you are in love with city life.

2. Traffic does not bother you

Driving in a city is no less than a nightmare. Be it the crack of the dawn or the dead of the night, a driver simply can’t afford to be shabby while he is engaged in driving in an urban setting. If you have bypassed this phase and the mere mention of driving does not shatter your peace of mind anymore, you are obsessed with city life.

3. You are visiting real estate websites

A paramount feature of cities is giant building structures. So much so, that some of the construction masterpieces have even become the identity of major cities of the world. Therefore, your love for big houses and apartments is another strong indication that you have been gripped by the metropolitan lifestyle.

Have you recently dropped by a real estate website even though you have neither capital nor any plan to buy an apartment? If yes, you have got the answer.

4. You love to take risks

Being in a city demands you to be unique. Because if you don’t stand out from the crowd, you have no chance to blossom in any walk of life. Of course, trying out new things takes a lot of courage and you might have to put a lot at the stake. However, people still go for the change because it is worth it. If you aspire to take risks in spite of knowing the potential dangers, you have penetrated into city life.

5. You can’t bear up with seclusion for too long

The beauty of nature is beyond expression. As a city person, if you are visiting the peaceful countryside, you will like the calmness of rural life. But, the odds are, you will get tired of it rather sooner than later. Living in a city makes you so used to the hullabaloo of the crowd that mother nature can captivate you only for the time being.

Plainly put, having short stamina to sock up the suburban idyllic scenery is a strong symptom that you have developed an urban personality.

6. You hardly talk to your neighbors

Suburban neighbors love to talk to each other. They arrange small get-to-gathers at regular intervals and somehow make it a point to be in touch with one another. Such is their bonding that a rural person might even be able to name the distant relatives of his neighbors.

City persons, on the other hand, stand in stark contrast to that. An occasional wave or handshake is all a true city person would reconcile with. Someone who can’t recall his neighbor’s name without hard-pressing his memory has completely sunk into the urban lifestyle.

7. Surroundings don’t influence your sleep

Big cities don’t sleep. Even in the darkest hours of the night you can go out and do the required shopping. So it is very hard to find a place where you can expect complete silence at night. If you are lucky enough to get nice neighbors, there could be other factors, such as car horns, that will sneak considerable noise inside your house.

If you can manage to pull out a sound sleep taking no notice of the said hindrances, you qualify to be called a city pup.

8. You prefer public transport

Public transport is the lifeblood of every megacity. Since public transport is cheaper than buying and maintaining a car, it comes out as the go-to choice for the underprivileged class. Having said that, you are quite likely to meet people from diverse financial backgrounds on a train. The reason behind this is that being in a city for some time makes you believe that if you want to reach somewhere real quick, nothing can beat a train.

9. You are charmed by nightlife

When it comes to cities, the social scene is at its pinnacle at night. While the day keeps people busy in the work, they prefer to spend their night in full swing in places like bars and clubs. If you have frequently started visiting these places, you clearly belong to the city.

10. Seeing a celebrity doesn’t excite you

Of course, seeing someone in real is a big deal when you have only grown up watching him/her on TV. Just like common people, celebs are scattered all over the place in big cities. So, in all probability, you might spot your favorite actor or actress at an expensive restaurant. If you have reached the point where you don’t find yourself gasping while catching sight of a movie star, be sure you have developed taste for the urban lifestyle.

The Final Verdict

It is difficult for someone to adjust to a place that does not go with his style of living. Therefore, it is very important to get an idea about one’s nature before deciding to accommodate anywhere. If you claim to reconcile with all the above modes of living, you will not have a hard time getting on with any big city in the world.

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