5 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom for a Great Spa Experience

5 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom for a Great Spa Experience

According to statistics, people visiting the spa in the USA increased from 164 million in 2014 to 190 million in 2018. But the results are not surprising because a spa is a wonderful way to enjoy luxurious relaxation.

Unfortunately, not all the times you want to visit a spa is possible. You may have a limited budget, or the weather outside may refrain you from visiting the spa if located far from home. Also, you may have limited time to visit one.

Luckily, there’s a way out. You can make one at home. Are you wondering how? In this article, the different ways you can decorate your bathroom for a great spa experience will get discussed. You may need to continue reading for insight.

After our detailed research, we came up with five surprising ways you can transform your bathroom into a spa. It will be like a trip to your favorite spa if you implement the following methods to decorate your bathroom.

1. Separating Your Tub

Most bathrooms have their tub unseparated. To create a spa-like design, you need to separate the bathtub from your bathroom’s space. Start by creating an arched space in your bathroom and place your tub only. If you may not like the idea of an anchored space, you can install a divider. Depending on your option, the divider may be temporary or permanent like the use of a literal wall. But to enjoy an extra spa feel, an oriental or cultural design divider works out best.

With this method, you don’t have to stare at your toilet as you relax in your bathtub. The sight may interfere with your relaxing mood. But a divider ensures that it’s just you and your tub, just like in a spa. The atmosphere makes you feel like you are in a private oasis or enjoying hot spring.

You can also check My Home Zen Spa for bathtub ideas. Plus if you want to get relief from your busy life stress for a while you can try the best bath pillow for relaxation.

2. Implementation of Natural Textures and Deep Colors

Natural textures bring out the overarching aesthetic found in many spas. Also, many people fall head over heels for the natural serenity feeling that comes with many spas. Such spas use Zen-like elements like potted plants. Others use relaxing colors like deep wood and stone walls. It is pleasing to the eyes, and excitingly, you can create a design aesthetic in your bathroom. You only need to look for warm wood textures and natural stones. In case wood textures and natural stones do not please you, you are free to look for other natural elements that enhance you to relax. For example, flowers or specific plants.

You may worry whether wood is an ideal material to use in damp areas. The answer is no, but with the current technology, you get to use a viable alternative. For example, instead of using wood flooring in your bathroom, you can go for faux wood tile. It is a porcelain or ceramic tile that imitates the original wood texture. What’s fantastic about faux wood tile is the fact that it highly resists water and comes in many patterns to suit your spa bathroom decor.

For an excellent design aesthetic, you need to consider the colors you choose. Go for the dark colors. You might need to consider muted colors like dark gray stone or dark wood. With a darker color scheme, your bathroom experiences an added laid-back feeling. The intense energy that comes with the bright color schemes and the light disappears, creating a serene environment for relaxation.

3. Install a Jacuzzi

Do you love relaxing in a Jacuzzi? Then you are not alone; many people do. For your love for Jacuzzis and the massive benefits associated with owning one, you wouldn’t feel offended or strained to save some dollars to buy one. And if you have the money, you should go straight to the bank smiling and buy one for your bathroom. Home-installed Jacuzzis have a way of creating a hot tub experience in our bathrooms. It is an excellent way of enjoying a spa-like experience.

Spas get added essential things ideal for our health like soaps, essential oils, and bath bombs. When the water bubbles, natural scents get dispersed, leaving you with a refreshed atmosphere. Other smells offer aromatherapy, and, therefore, enhance your overall well-being. In a Jacuzzi, you also get to add these fantastic elements to your bathwater. Jacuzzis are also renowned for generating steam quickly, meaning that you enjoy a skin treatment right in your bathroom.

When you put on a face mask or hair treatment, the steam enhances you to relax as it works on your skin and hair. Like you would find in a spa. What’s impressive about installing a Jacuzzi in your bathroom is the fact that you can create a spa-like experience in many ways.

Maybe your bathroom is small and is wondering how to get a Jacuzzi in there. No need to worry; you still can benefit from a relaxing soak. Thanks to the advent in technology, bath manufacturers have come up with various scaled-down tubs to accommodate different bathroom sizes. Though these tubs are less than 5ft, they are deep enough for anyone to soak. In this regard, you may need to look for the Japanese traditional soaking tub.

It gets designed deeper than other small tubs. You can, therefore, submerge your whole body. What’s fantastic about these traditional soaking tubs from Japan is the fact that some get designed with built-in seats. You get to sit safely and comfortably while enjoying your hot bath.

4. Consider Artsy Elements

Artsy fixtures come in many designs and sizes and are excellent in creating a spa-like experience in our bathrooms. Spas are beautiful. Are you wondering why? Because they use unique and exciting decor. Why not do the same to your bathroom? It will increase the spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. For example, consider replacing your sinks with sleek designs such as those made with natural stones or leaf-shaped bowls. Geometric mirrors are also unique and exceptional in transforming your bathroom into a spa-like space.

You can also add some houseplants to give your bathroom an instant feeling of relaxation, just like in a spa. You may need to consider the rubber and bamboo plants due to their exotic look. Old is gold, and traditional spas come with fascinating looks. If you are the cozy type, you might go a notch higher to adding elements that are usually not seen in the bathrooms. For example, a fireplace to warm the room as you relax in your bathroom tub.

5. Utilize Flat Surfaces Like Alcoves

Many spa users may not get satisfied with the experience in the absence of candles. Decent spas are renowned for using candles to increase the relaxing vibe. For example, they use basic alcoves to keep the candlelight going. Also, alcoves keep the candles away from the water and shower curtains. You can also use an alcove to hold other items like incense and reed diffusers, keeping them safe from getting water.

But you may ask; what if I am not interested in major modeling, what do I do? No need to fret. You can look for a table space or unique shelves to place your elements like reed diffusers, scented candles, and incense. In doing so, you easily create a spa bathroom!


As illustrated above, you don’t have to visit a spa to enjoy a spa-like experience. With a few modifications as explained above, you can do so right in your bathroom. Many a time you might have pictured yourself in a luxurious spa but could not manage due to various reasons. It does not have to be so anymore. Decorate your bathroom, as discussed above for a great spa experience.

source/credit: statista.com

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