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How to Have a Designer’s Dream Bathroom

How does it feel when you enter the bathroom of a luxurious hotel! It is divine! Who would not want to have a similar feeling in their own bathroom in their home where you can feel the most comfortable. Believe it or not, the only place which is the most peaceful in the entire house is your lovely bathroom. Nothing can be compared to the comfort that you can get  lying in the lukewarm water in your bath tub with soft music playing in the background. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best feelings in the world. Some of life’s most vital decisions are made while you are in your deep thoughts during your time spent in the bathroom! Lol

Having a luxurious, beautiful bathroom is what everyone must have and if you desire to have one, do not worry, it will not be too heavy on your pocket. Just adding up a few things here and there or replacing a couple of accessories in the bathroom and you will be done!

Easier said than done! Let us tell you about a few basic guidelines that you must keep in mind while you renovate your bathroom!

The lighting

First and foremost, take a close look at the lighting in your bathroom. Does it give out a cry to be upgraded to something more modern and more beautiful? Most of the designer bathrooms will have a centerpiece in terms of lighting as well. The first preference is given to an elegant pendant or a mini chandelier, whatever you may want to call it. The primary reason to it is that the light from such a source is enough for a small space like a bathroom instead of a large room. But that does not mean all the work can be done by one small chandelier. You must also think about layered lighting. Light glowing from behind, above or beside the mirror in the bathroom is a good idea! Make sure your dream bathroom is well lit!

Quality essentials

You do not just have to pay attention to the prima facie aspects that will make others fall in love with your bathroom, but the essentials in the bathroom, the accessories, all of them have to be of good quality and long lasting. You may also want to include some fancy, innovative accessories for increased comfort like Ionic Shower Heads from Shower Stream. You do not really have to spend a fortune in buying the most designer and the latest products, but the basic, white porcelain objects can do the job perfectly. Try and keep everything simple and elegant. You do not have to make your washroom overtly high tech, but make sure that all the necessities are long lasting and pretty!

Storage solutions

you will want to utilise as much storage available in the washroom since there will be many cosmetic bottles or medicines that you might want to shove in your bathroom. Instead of the traditional wooden shelves, you might rather choose for open shelves if the space in your bathroom allows that. And even if it doesn’t or owing to the proximity of the shelf to the shower, you may choose a closed shelf with a mirror casing. Your job is done! There are a few things as elegant as a mirror!

A luxurious tub and shower stall

Do you think shower stalls are only meant for bathrooms which do not have space for a bathtub? Well, you are taking it all wrong then! Both the shower and the tub can be incorporated in a single bathroom. There are times when you would choose a quick shower over lazing around in the tub! You may choose to have a minimalist shower stall, probably with a glass door and graceful flooring. When it comes to tubs, choose the elaborate, comfy tubs for the best experience! You may take the traditional design ones or go for the modern look! Your choice!

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