9 Top Small House Remodel Ideas for Your Next DIY Project

9 Top Small House Remodel Ideas for Your Next DIY Project

Did you know that nine out of ten American homeowners are planning on remodeling their houses?

Improving your home, whether you just fancy an update or you want to sell it can involve a lot of thought. However, if you have a small house then you need to be even smarter with your renovation.

Discover our top small house remodel ideas and see if you can improve your home with these excellent renovation tips.

9 Ideas for Remodeling Your Small House

Some people prefer to remodel their homes into a more cozy and welcoming environment, while others want a more minimalist approach. But no matter what your interior design preference is or the size of your home, there are many different changes you can make to improve your space.

The best way to remodel your small house is that focus on the space you have and work out how you can maximize it. So, have a look at these tips on how you can remodel your small house to create the illusion of having more space:

1. Save Kitchen Space

Most small houses don’t come with large kitchens, which can make preparing meals difficult. However, one way you can save space in your kitchen is by utilizing all your space, including the sink.

Remodeling a small house can be done fairly cheaply if you’re smart about your space, so why not add a butcher block board over your sink? Giving your sink two purposes, this useful idea can help you save space and use the sink area for both preparing your dishes and washing them up.

2. Add Storage

Small houses often feel more cramped because there’s less place to store your possessions. However, with a few smart storage solutions, you can transform your space into a clean and organized home.

Try installing some shelves and rotating cupboards in your home to add smart storage solutions. Add a cabinet on the wall in your bathroom or opt for a sink with storage underneath. In your bedroom, you can add additional storage by getting a bed with under storage or with drawers.

3. Convert Your Loft Area

If your home has a loft area, why not convert it into a space that you can use? Lofts are great for adding more space to small homes, they can be used as a bedroom, for extra storage, as a playroom, or even as a reading room.

To really save on space, you can even add loft ladders instead of a permanent stairwell. Loft ladders are great for accessing your extra space when you want to and then can be closed up and help you save space.

4. Bring in More Light

Light can really help to transform a small space and make your house feel bigger and more homely. Try adding some more light to your rooms by adding some lamps or using different lampshades.

You can also position mirrors on your walls to help enhance your lighting scheme and make your house feel roomier.

5. Introduce Skylights

Natural light can also help to make your small space feel larger. If you have the space to do so, try introducing skylights into your home. Installing windows in your ceilings can help to bring in more light and warmth.

They also make the perfect place to watch the night sky and have a cozy evening stargazing. If you don’t have the space to introduce skylights, then you might consider adding solar tubes instead.

6. Use Rooms for More Than One Purpose

Who said a room has to only have one purpose? To maximize your home space you can use your rooms for more than one purpose. Fold-away furniture makes multi-purpose rooms possible, so make sure you find the right kind that fits into your home and can be stored away easily.

For example, you could add a sofa bed in your living room and have it as a guest room. Alternatively, you might choose to have a guest bedroom that doubles up as your home office.

7. Transform Your Dull Closet into a Home Office

Speaking of a home office, if you’ve always wanted one but never found the space, why not transform an old dull closet into your very own office?

Throw away your old and unused coats and shoes and create your very own space. If you don’t want a home office, then you could always add some shelves and turn your closet into a mini-library.

8. Install Kitchen Rollouts

Maximizing space in your kitchen is very important because it helps with the smooth running of your cooking. If you’re an avid cook but struggle due to lack of space, why not install kitchen rollouts in your cupboard?

Kitchen rollouts are a quick and easy way you can refresh your kitchen and ensure that it’s organized and clean. Never lose your essential kitchen utensils again and always keep your ingredients organized.

9. Give Your Home a Fresh Feel

And finally, if you want to remodel your small house, you need to think about giving the walls a makeover. Add a splash of paint to your walls and make your home come to life.

To make your home feel larger and more spacious make sure you choose light colors. Light-colored walls and home furnishings help to open up rooms and make them feel fresher. You can use colorful paintings and wall decorations to add a little more depth to your room too.

Maximize Your Space With Our Small House Remodel Ideas

Small houses don’t need to be difficult to renovate, all it takes is a bit of creativity and smart planning. Follow our guide on small house remodel ideas and see how you can transform your home.

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