6 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are one of the best house features you can invest in. They are energy efficient, secure, versatile, and easy to open and close. They can easily enhance the look of any home as well. Lastly, high-quality sliding sash windows are durable and can last for a long time.

To preserve and prolong the good condition and functionality of your sliding sash windows, cleaning and maintaining them regularly is a must.

You can do this by following the tips below:

1. Clean the glass regularly

Make sure your windows do not obstruct the outside view and restrict sunlight from entering your home. This means cleaning the window glass regularly.

To clean the glass, add one cup distilled or white vinegar and a squirt of dishwashing liquid to a gallon of water. Dip a sponge or a window wand in the solution. Begin cleaning at the top of the window going down to avoid dripping onto the already clean glass.

Once you’re done, wipe off the glass with crumpled newspaper until it is dry.

It is best to give your window glasses a thorough cleaning at least twice a year.

2. Clean the frames

If your windows have uncoated aluminum or steel frames, constant exposure to the elements will leave them looking old, dull, and mottled.

The good news is you can make them look new and sleek again by simply cleaning them. Use fine steel wool and detergent to scrub the frames. Do not use a colored piece of cloth since the dye may come off and leave stains on the frames. Wash off the detergent with a wet sponge or piece of cloth.

Next, dry the frames completely and apply a light coat of automotive paste wax to prevent future corrosion.

3. Remove grime from the bottom sliding window track

Dust, dirt, and water can easily collect in sliding sash window bottom tracks. If you don’t remove the dirt and grime regularly, they can end up jamming your window mechanisms.

To prevent grime from accumulating on the bottom track, vacuum this part whenever you are cleaning. Scrub the track with a mild dishwashing solution occasionally as well.

If a track already has hardened dirt, use a fine steel wool and warm water with detergent to clean it. Wipe the track dry. If you have silicone spray, use it to lubricate both the lower and upper tracks.

4. Limit the movement of your sliding sash windows

Keep sashes from sliding at the wrong moment or being lifted out completely, accidentally or on purpose, by driving one or two screws vertically onto the top of the upper track of the window frame. The screws will prevent the sash from being lifted up and removed.

If you want to limit how far a sash slides, put a screw that goes horizontally through both sides of the window’s top track. This will block sash movement. However, make sure you don’t do this to a window that also functions as an emergency exit. For such windows, it is best to use a track stop instead.

5. Invest in upgrades

To further enhance the durability, functionality, and security features of your sliding sash windows, here are some upgrades you should consider investing in:

  • Triple-glazing – With triple glazing, your windows can insulate heat and sound-proof your home better. It also helps prevent dust from entering your home.
  • Draught-proofing – This procedure entails filling in unintentional gaps around the window and your house to improve insulation. Draught-proofing also makes sash windows slide up and down easily.
  • Hardware – Aside from installing screws to prevent sash windows from sliding or moving too easily, have additional hardware installed. Sash locks, sash tops, and a good quality latch will improve the security of these windows and your home.

6. Inspect your windows regularly

Lastly, when cleaning and maintaining your sliding sash windows, look for any possible issues. Common problems in this type of window include loose or damaged glass, hinges, and sash cords.

If you notice any of these problems, it is best to call a window repairman instead of trying to fix them yourself. You may end up causing more damage to the window and hurt yourself in the process.

Well-maintained sliding sash windows do not only make your home look more presentable and appealing; they complement home security features and improve the insulation in your house as well.

Cleaning and properly maintaining windows regularly will definitely ensure their good quality and functionality for a long time.

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