How to Minimize Your Possessions and Simplify Your Life

How to Minimize Your Possessions and Simplify Your Life

Have you ever heard the phrase “Less is more”? Well, when it comes to your house and material possessions, it often is.

If you feel like your home is full of clutter, and in serious need of some organization, we have simple tips and tricks that can make a more minimal home today.

Keep reading for our guide on how to minimize and live a cleaner, clearer lifestyle.

How to minimize and live with less

A clean and simple personal space can reflect and influence a clear state of mind. If you need a change, start with your home and other personal spaces today. Researchers show that minimalism can even improve your mental health.

Start by setting a goal

Sometimes, with a difficult project like clearing out your home, the best place to start is by making a goal for yourself.

Think about what your overall intention is with this project.

Do you want to clear the garage so that you can fit your car into it? Do you want to clean your home office to make it easier for you to focus? By asking yourself this simple question, you can set an overall goal that you wish to accomplish.

Decide what to keep and what to toss

This can be a difficult part of the process for many people. It’s hard to just toss things that were once important, or that you’ve spent money on. The only reasons you should keep items are if you 1) Need them or 2) Enjoy them.

Watch out for thoughts like “I feel guilty getting rid of this”, or “Maybe I’ll need this someday”. This is how you make excuses and hold onto items you do not need, which leads to pointless clutter.

Trade those pesky questions with helpful ones such as “Does this bring me joy?” If the answer is “no,” then add it to the garbage pile.

Need help disposing of your unwanted items? Head to a rubbish removal company, where they can help you dispose of items from furniture to electronics, or just pure junk.

Organize things you’re keeping

Setting up efficient storage spaces is essential in keeping the things that are important to you organized. Make sure there is a place for everything, and that you and all other members of the household know where these places are.

For example, instead of stacking useless papers along your counter, where they can get ruined, forgotten, or become impossible to find, create a filing cabinet with tabs for easy locating.

Another easy space to declutter is your medicine cabinet. Throw out expired medication you no longer need and organize what your keeping on shelves labeled with type or use.

Reward yourself and stop buying more 

Once you accomplish your goal, reward yourself! Treat yourself with more self-care, like a massage. Minimizing your home is not easy, and you should be proud for taking the necessary steps towards a better you.

Now that you know how to minimize, keep these tips in mind even after your initial purge. Make sure you don’t buy more items you don’t need and ask yourself the questions you’ve learned from this article before making purchases for your personal spaces.

For more information on home improvements, head to our blog, where you’ll find tons of advice on this topic and more!

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