Organize Your Study With Creatively Designed Pen Pencil Holders

Organize Your Study With Creatively Designed Pen & Pencil Holders

Handmade pen & pencil holders, with attractive design motifs, can boost the visual appeal and style of your study room by several notches. Over here, we will provide a few tips on how you can create and design such holders.

Wish to lend a personal touch to your study room supplies? You can start by setting up imaginatively designed, personalized pen & pencil holders. They look good and are cheaper than the ready made holders.

The process of making decorative pencil holders is not at all difficult. In this article, we will give you a rundown on how you can deck up your study with these items.

Gather all the necessary supplies

Gather all the required items like slices/blocks of good-quality wood, a drilling machine, screws, cable ties and paper, before you sit down to make the stand. If you are planning to make double-layered pencil holders, you will also require durable hinges.

Drill holes in the wooden blocks

You need to drill holes on the sides of the wooden pieces that you have gathered. Drill the holes smoothly so that no damage is caused to the adjoining surfaces. Make holes of different dimensions, so that pens and pencils of varying widths can be put in them. The holes should have adequate and uniform space between them.

Use the hinges to join the wooden blocks

Once you have made right- sized holes in two wooden slabs/blocks, connect them with the help of hinges. You can place the hinges in a manner that the holder opens vertically or horizontally. Fasten the hinges with cable ties of different colors to make the holders look bright and colorful.

Attach colored papers on the sides

Write down/print your name/initials on colored pieces of paper, and attach them to the upper surface of the holder. Use a good-quality glue stick for the purpose. For subtle decorations, you can engrave your name on the wooden surface.

Go for beaded chains

If your pencil holder is beautifully designed, shouldn’t the pens/pencils have a bit of style of their own? Decorate the caps of the pencils/pens with bead chains that match the color of the holder itself. You can also attach such designer chains to the pen/pencil holder, so that they look nicer.

Have a section for erasers, sharpeners and other such items

The holder should also help you systematically organize your pencil-sharpeners, erasers, and other such supplies. Ideally, have panels between the two wooden slabs, where these items can be kept.

Keep the open end of the holder secure

Have small handles on the ends of the holder, and fasten them with cable ties. Whenever you need to take out an eraser, for example, you can easily undo the knot, and open the holder.

Regularly clean these handmade pen/pencil holders to keep them bright and attractive over a long period of time. You can also use battery-powered lights in the holder to bring about a more vibrant feel to them. In such cases, the bulb wires have to be kept organized with cable ties. If you have a creative bent of mind, follow these simple tips and create unique and fashionable pen & pencil holders.

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