Inspirational Ideas For Compact Living

Inspirational Ideas For Compact Living

Living in a small space shouldn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style for function. The furniture market is filled with enough products and inspiration to create stylish interiors in compact spaces.

Living Rooms

The living room is the area where people spend the most time, whether relaxing or entertaining guests, it needs to be multi-functional. A stackable nest of tables is a compact and flexible solution; when you have guests, simply unpack the tables. Some styles of coffee table can also double as stools for extra seating and coffee tables on wheels give you the option of easily moving it around to free up space and transform your living area.

Modular sofas mean you can create different seating options. If you want to entertain guests you can rearrange them to create a social seating area. Once you are ready to relax, simply push the sofas back together to create a compact corner unit. Sofa beds in the living room are great options if you want to create space for overnight guests. Corner sofa units are a good way to utilize difficult corners of the room whilst creating ample seating space.

Many homes do not have room for separate dining areas. There are many options to incorporate dining furniture into a compact living room. Fold out tables can be easily stored against walls and used as console tables when not in use. Some styles also allow you to fold the chairs down and store them underneath. Folding out the table and chairs is quick and easy when you are ready to dine.


Beds generally take up the most space within a bedroom. Finding a space saving solution to incorporate a comfy double bed creates many options. Sofa beds are an easy choice, creating extra seating when the bed is not in use. Cabin beds free up floor space which creates a larger living area; they also create useful storage options underneath. Fold-down beds are a sleek way to store a bed when it’s not in use and allow you to create multipurpose rooms. If you need to create extra space for overnight guests roll-out beds can be useful.

Wardrobes are also large furniture items that can be bulky in compact living spaces. The key in smaller spaces is to purchase slimline items that have multipurpose storage uses inside. Rather than just featuring a rail to hang clothes on, wardrobes should use every possible space such as shelves and door space. Modular shelving can also be useful for the storage of clothes as it can be modified to fit into any space.

Space Saving Tips

Dual-use furniture products can create the illusion of more space. For example, fold-down beds can double up as desks, whilst some modular sofa pieces can double up as coffee tables. Using furniture items that are see-through, acrylic or reflective give the impression that a room is bigger than it is. Clear coffee tables, glass dining tables and acrylic chairs allow more light to travel around the room, creating a light and airy living space.

By utilizing compact furnishings to your advantage, it is easy to create a stylish living environment that looks and feels bigger than it is. By using multi-functional or modular furniture you can keep your living areas flexible and create multipurpose living areas.

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