Advanced Tips To Prepare For Moving

Advanced Tips to Prepare for Moving

People were never supposed to stay in one place. That’s why we have feet instead of roots. But moving is extremely stressful. It’s not easy to uproot your life from one place and move it all to another location. Amidst all this, you have to clean, unpack, update your utilities, and do it all without breaking too many dishes. If you’re moving with children or pets, then may God have mercy on you.  

All we can do for you is to share some moving tips so that your move doesn’t give you a headache. Scroll through this list to find out our best pointers to prepare for moving.

Invest in some help

Moving can be uncomplicated with the right assistance. You can also cut costs if you do your research right. Book the movers for a weekday in the middle of the month to save money. These days they offer the cheapest moving rates. Make your move easier by renting a mobile storage unit. These units provide storage with mobility. So if you rent traveling storage units in Littleton, you can take your Littleton storage units with you to your new home. So you will have to do less work since you won’t have to worry about transporting your things to and from a storage unit.

Plan, plan, plan

Lifestyle coaches suggest that you start preparing at least a month before moving. Use this time to do all the online grunt work. Send your change of address notices and check your housing insurance plan. Schedule the shutdown and start-up services for your current and future home. Scourge the local shops for quality boxes to use for the move. Declutter your life and sell the clutter to save money. Ask your neighbors to give you old newspapers to avoid wasting money on packing material. Note down the measurements of big pieces so that you can find out which of them will fit in the new place. Always have detailed to-do lists to help you keep track of everything. Buy premade organizers if you’re too stressed to make one.


This is the most vital part of the move. A smart packing strategy can help you avoid damages. It can also make unpacking a piece of cake. Sort your no-pack items before the movers show up. These items will be packed separately by you. Most people separate official documents, valuable jewelry, or cherished mementos for their no-pack pile. Put your no-pack bundle in a separate area and lock it for added security. Now there’s no danger of these getting stolen. Then talk to your movers about your moving strategy. Tell them about which stuff goes in which room. Always disassemble your furniture to minimize damage.

Appropriate accessories

Experienced movers swear by the Ziplock method. Just place all loose and small items in Ziploc bags. You can use this tip for hardware as well. Tape your hardware in little Ziploc bags to the furniture you are dissembling. The Ziploc method limits the mess and keeps all small items in one place. You can also Ziploc your clothes so that they don’t get dirty during the move. Wrap any fragile items with packing material or blankets. Pack dangerous and hazardous materials separately to avoid any accidents. Label all your moving boxes in detail on their side. Some people might have difficulty reading your handwriting, so it’s better to color code boxes by rooms as well. Remember to place coordinated stickers on room doors so you won’t have to micromanage the movers. Document the state of the house before you hand over the keys. This step helps you avoid any liability for damage you didn’t cause to the property. Get the vacated house clean before handing it over to the owner as it may be a term of your tenancy agreement.

Try to have fun with it

Try to think of moving as an extended vacation with your family. Make a unique moving out playlist to lighten up the mood. You can also get famous local delicacies to lift everyone’s spirits. Throw a party once you’ve moved in. You can mingle with the locals and destress at the same time.

Moving can be stressful, but you can try to minimize your stress with a few tips. Track all the moving parts of your move by having detailed moving plans in place. One of the easiest ways to cut your moving worries in half is by getting help. Reduce moving anxiety by hiring a moving company. Minimize costs by storing stuff in storage units. Above all, have a positive outlook on moving. Share your moving tips and hacks in the comments below!

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