DIY Endeavors 12 Amazing Ideas to Design Your Dream Back Yard

DIY Endeavors: 12 Amazing Ideas to Design Your Dream Back Yard

Most Americans will spend nearly $10,000 every year on unexpected homeownership costs.

Some of these costs include landscaping and lawn care.

If you want a beautiful yard, but don’t have the budget for it, DIY backyard projects are a great option.

We gathered a list of 10 amazing ideas to design your dream back yard at a low cost. Keep reading to learn how to make your dream come true.

1. DIY Pebble Mosaic

If you’re looking for an outdoor project that’s different from a regular tile path, then a pebble mosaic may be the perfect fit.

These pebble mosaics are perfect for decorating areas of your yards such as walkways by providing an unexpected focal point.

They’re incredibly cost effective since all you need are pebbles, cement, and some time. Plus, you can make them as large or as small as you’d like.

2. Backyard Pond and Waterfall

Even if you don’t have much space available, you can still install a pond and waterfall. This is a really simple and relatively inexpensive DIY project that anyone can do.

Adding a water feature to a small space can make it seem larger. It’s also relaxing to have the sound of trickling water in your backyard.

On top of that, if you’re considering selling your home near Boise, having a waterfall in the back yard can help you sell it faster. Click for more information if you’re thinking of moving soon.

3. Hanging Jar Lanterns

Lighting in your backyard is important. Jar lanterns provide a creative way to illuminate your garden areas.

The best part is that they require minimal investment. In fact, you can easily make your own hanging lantern with things you already have lying around.

You can also involve your children in this project as it’s safe and it will help them develop their motor skills. All you have to do is add a candle to a jar and safely suspend it in your garden area.

4. Globing Orbs

This is another backyard lighting option that works especially well if you have a firepit or a gazebo. Creating your glowing orbs will redefine the way you see backyard lighting at a low cost.

The easiest way to make these is to find some old opaque light covers that have openings in the bottom. Then, fill them with white or colored Christmas tree lights for a magical backyard.

5. Vintage Flower Buckets

Cute vintage flower pots can be quite expensive, but not if you make them yourself from things you already have around the house.

All you need are three buckets and some outdoor paint. You can pick any color that goes with your backyard theme or goes with classic white. Once you finish painting, make sure there are some drain holes in the bottom.

Then all that’s left is to plant your favorite flowers inside and place them in your back yard.

6. Globe String Lights

String lights are a great option to illuminate your backyard. They’re not only cheap, but you can also make them from scratch.

Although they go particularly well in modern home design, you can make them work for any style.

All you need to do is get a bunch of ping pong balls, cut holes in them with an Exacto knife, and slip them over the top of white Christmas lights.

Also, a very good combination with string lights is installing a hot tub. Imagine relaxing in the hot tub while enjoying the beautiful ambiance created by the string lights! You can find a good one for you by researching the inflatable hot tub reviews.

7. Pallet Planter

For years, people have been repurposing old pallets in countless ways: coffee tables, sofas, shelves, and more.

DIY gardeners, however, prefer to turn their old pallets into planters. These are an easy project plus you can easily move the pallet flower planter from one spot to another.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to add boards to the bottom part to complete three levels of planters for small flowers or herbs.

8. Raised Garden Beds

Have you ever considered making your own raised bed gardens?

If you’re worried about pests destroying your fruits and vegetables, raised garden beds may work even better than harmless repellents.

The best part about raised garden beds is that they’re incredibly easy to build. Since they only have to be 8 inches deep, you can set one up by making a square with cinderblocks.

9. Key Wind Chime

Wondering what to do with all those old keys you have lying around? What about turning them into a wind chime?

This DIY wind chime is both pretty to look at and awesome to listen to. You can hang them near doors, windows, or from a tree in your backyard.

To put together your own key wind chime, start with a ring made from an old coat hanger. Then use fishing wire or thin metal wire to hang the keys around the ring at various lengths.

10. Tree Bench

If you’re looking for extra seating but don’t want a bunch of chairs in your back yard, consider building a DIY tree bench.

This is a bench built around a tree. It adds a wonderful decorative element, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and provides tons of extra seating.

Be sure that you build it around a mature tree that’s not going to expand outward into your bench. If you are using a younger tree, make sure there’s enough space for the tree to continue growing.

11. Stained Glass Fence

You only need a few things to add spots of color to your wooden fence. You’ll need a drill with some pothole bits, silicone glue, and marbles.

Simply drill as many holes as you want to the appropriate size, then glue the marbles in place and you have a beautiful stained glass fence to enjoy.

You’ll love how the marbles reflect in the sunlight!

12. Fire Pit

Having a fire pit allows you to cook outdoors or just enjoy the glow of flames after dark.

Although there are expensive options available, all you really need to make is fire-proof a circle in your backyard. This can be done by digging out some of the sod and then placing large rocks or cement around the fire area.

Want DIY Backyard Ideas for Gardens?

Now you have 10 DIY backyard ideas to design your dream outdoor area. These will help you save money while you create an amazing back yard.

If you want more ideas on outdoor spaces, check out our article on features every garden has to have.

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