How To Lengthen The Life Of Freshly Cut Flowers

How to Lengthen the Life of Freshly Cut Flowers

When it comes to adding beauty, life and a wonderful aroma to any room, there is nothing like a big vase full of freshly-cut flowers. Whether they are roses, tulips or even a collection of wildflowers from the field across from your home, they add ambiance to a room in a way that no fake air freshener spray or plug in can. Sadly though, they do not last very long, but the good news is that there are a few ways to make your cut blooms last a few days longer than they normally would, and all with items that you already have in your home.

Prepare the Vase

When you first bring your freshly-cut flowers home from a market, it usually comes with a packet of nutrients for them. Putting this mixture in the water will help your flowers stay fresh, but it is also important how you put them in the vase as well. Some people might think that the more water you put in the vase the fresher the blooms will stay, but if any of the leaves are touching the water, this only encourages them to rot faster and effect the rest of the flower. Instead, cut the ends of the stems on the diagonal and combine the nutrient mixture with as much water that will fill the vase up halfway. After several days, remove any leaves or shoots that are starting to die, give the ends another cut, and change out the water.

Your vase plays a big role when it comes to increasing the life of the flowers. A vase needs to have some space for water, especially to hydrate the roots of the flowers. It should also be able to let the flowers breathe and not be made of harmful synthetic materials or colors. According to the world’s leading flower store, Blooming Box Dubai, people should concentrate on the vase as much as they do on the flowers.

Home-made Solution

Now that the nutrient mix is gone, your freshly-cut flowers will start to fade faster, but there are ways that you can make them last longer. Spritz the blooms themselves with a little aerosol hairspray to preserve them for another few days and add a few pennies to the water-the copper in them helps to fight bacteria that causes the flowers to wilt.

If you want to make your own flower nutrient mix, all it takes is several tablespoons of bleach, an equal amount of vinegar, and four tablespoons of sugar. By mixing this and soaking the stems in it for several hours before you put the flowers in a vase along with the treated water, the ingredients will regulate the pH level and the sugar will keep the blooms vibrant. Fresh cut flowers are a great way to spruce up any room in your home, and now you can make them last longer without having spent an extra penny.

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