A Few Great Tips to Remember When Decorating

A Few Great Tips to Remember When Decorating

One of the best things about owning your own home is the complete freedom you have to decorate it any way you want. Whether it’s just a few subtle changes or a complete overhaul of the whole interior, you can transform your home to reflect your personality. This freedom is usually limited in rented housing, where you often have to put up with generic white walls and horrible curtains – well, unless you have a really nice landlord! No matter what your style, there are a few tips to remember that can help make decorating your home a success.

Natural Light is Important

Unless you love the yellow glow of light bulbs and having expensive electricity bills, you’ll want to have plenty of natural light shining into your house. Rooms with larger windows have great potential for being bright, lively spaces, so take advantage of this by maximizing the amount of light entering the room. Just the right amount of natural light will enhance bright colored walls, and compliment rooms with darker, warmer color schemes.

Color Schemes Characterize a Room

Although subtle, the color scheme goes some way to setting the tone of a room. Kitchens look great as vibrant and colorful rooms, echoing the brightly colored food contained within it, for example the fruit bowl. However living rooms may require a softer, warmer shade to create a relaxing atmosphere. Having said that more and more ‘modern’ style living rooms are being decorated with bright colors, with the warm relaxation color schemes being moved to the bedroom. Accent walls are great for sprinkling just the right amount of color and personality into a room, without imposing on the rest of the decor.

Less is More

Smaller houses with less space are perhaps a little more tricky to decorate, since you simply have less to work with. However with careful planning and an open mind you can manage it just fine. Clutter looks messy and unattractive in any sized home, and having limited floor space can make this problem seem unavoidable. The important thing to remember is that you have to work with the space you have available, and you don’t need to fill every square inch of floor space with stuff. Do you really need that coffee table taking up the whole middle part of the room? A more open, tidy living room with a modest sized couch and plenty of space to walk through will create a more relaxed feel, allowing you to chill out in the room that was meant for chilling out in.

It’s Your House

This point mainly applies to home owners rather than renters – it’s your house, so don’t be afraid to get creative if you feel the need. Depending on how adventurous you are you may decide to make each room different from the last, to give each one a completely different personality. Or if that seems a bit too busy for you, you could keep a consistent theme across the whole house. Everyone has his or her own preferences, so make sure you turn your home into something that suits you – after all, you’re the one who is going to be living in it.

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