Lodging Exploring the Different Types of Accommodations for Your Travels

L is for Lodging: Exploring the Different Types of Accommodations for Your Travels

46% of travelers admitted they travel at least three times a year. And it’s obvious why.

Traveling is an experience unlike no other. You experience new places, learn a lot, meet new people, see the world, experience a different culture, and make so many amazing memories.

But there’s a lot of responsibility that goes into traveling. One is lodging.

Fortunately, with the growing popularity of traveling, many places offer an abundance of lodging opportunities to ensure you’re comfortable and save money.

Here are the different types of accommodations available for travelers and which one or ones you should choose.


Hotels are the most common and recognizable option. Hotels offer the most facilities, accommodations, and even some perks. Each hotel is rated between one and five stars, five stars being the highest but most expensive.

You also have many options when choosing a room. You can settle for a one-bed and small room or a grand suite with a king-sized bed or multiple beds. There are also special rooms, such as honeymoon rooms for lovers.

Just about every destination you visit has a hotel. We all may recognize huge international hotel chains, such as Hilton or Marriott. There are also private and independent hotels that can provide a more personalized experience.


With the popularity of sources such as Air BnB, most travelers are taking advantage of guesthouses. These types of lodging are very affordable and offer the luxuries of home.

A guesthouse is typically run independently. An individual or family either rent out a property for you to stay in or they provide a room in their own personal house.

Guest homes are often nice, adorned with nice furniture and the owner provides the necessary accommodations you would have at home.

Most guesthouses have a kitchen and the owner may provide food. Some even cook meals for their guests.

Guesthouses vary in size. Some are small homes meant for one or two travelers while other guesthouses are grand homes meant for large groups or families.

One of the benefits of staying in the guesthouse is you can develop a bond with the owners. Some provide extra services such as a tour and can drive you to the destinations you want to see.


Hostels are popular amongst younger travelers. Hostels are not only cheap but they give travelers the opportunity to meet new people and make friends on their adventures.

Hostels have a couple of different options. The most popular example is one room with shared bunks. These are usually separated by gender.

But you can pay a little extra and choose a hostel with a private room. However, you’ll still have to share a bathroom.

One of the reasons why hostels are so cheap is amenities aren’t included. You have to bring your own toiletries and even your own towels.


With the leading expat movement, apartments are becoming a more common option.

In a way, apartments are similar to a guesthouse. They can be owned privately by a landlord who either rents out the whole apartment to you or just a room.

But serviced apartments are becoming more common. These are fully-furnished apartments owned by a property management company.

Serviced apartments have lease options, usually short-term leases but more serviced apartments are offering long-term leases.

These apartments are upper-scale, providing special amenities such as housekeeping.

Many serviced apartments include essential rooms such as a kitchen and a laundry room. The high-end serviced apartments may also include an entertainment room and a fitness center.

But you can also stay at an apartment for a shorter stay. Many services such as Air BnB offer this option.

Apartment stay is typically cheaper and you receive amenities such as a kitchen and private bathroom. These apartments are also fully-furnished and some may provide towels and toiletries.


If you truly love luxury traveling, stay at a resort. While resorts are on the pricier side, they’re great options for big groups and families, especially families traveling with kids.

Resorts are typically found in rural and remote areas. They’re all-inclusive, meaning all accommodations are available at the resort. This includes your lodging, food, entertainment, and even a bar.

While some resorts cater to many customers, most set limits with how many guests they have. Resorts aren’t as busy and crowded as hotels, perfect for couples or anyone who just needs to get away. If you are in need of party bus rentals check out the page of Lubbock bus.

Religious Housing

Are you a member of a certain religion? If you’re traveling for religious purposes, there are religious housing options available. For example, if you’re Christian or Jewish, there are guesthouses in religious destinations such as Jerusalem.

Religious housing is very affordable and accommodating to those in different religious groups.

This option is beyond relaxing and quiet. This housing caters to different religious practices. For example, if your religion practices prayer at a certain time, the hosts may invite you to pray with them.

Religious housing is very strict. Most have curfews and strict standards on who they accept. For example, some monastery stays may not accept children or unmarried couples, even if you’re all a member of the religion.

Couch Surfing

The cheapest travel option is a trend called couch surfing, although the formal name is homestay.

This option is usually free. You’ll stay exactly how the name suggests – on someone else’s couch. However, some hosts have better accommodations, such as a spare guest room.

Many travelers prefer this option, beyond the free price tag. They get to know the locals and end up developing a close relationship with their hosts.

If you’re traveling to a rural area for long periods, farm stays are a similar option. The host may let you stay for free as long as you’re willing to help out with their farm.

Since couch surfing is such a huge trend, many websites match travelers with legitimate families with experience serving guests and that have great reviews.

Some sources go as far as to interview both the traveler and the host, conducting background checks and other investigations.

From Rentals to Couch Surfing: There Are Many Types of Accommodations

No matter where you’re traveling, there are many types of accommodations for all types of travelers. Do you want more travel advice? What about home and lifestyle resources? Our blog offers it all! Continue reading.

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