Organize Your Small Kitchen with These 4 Easy Steps

Organize Your Small Kitchen with These 4 Easy Steps

Small kitchens can be difficult to work with, especially if you love cooking and entertaining. Finding room for all your utensils, pots & pans, cleaning products and foodstuffs can take a little (OK a lot!) of creative thinking. But never fear we’ve done the hard work for you and come up with 4 easy steps to target the areas of your kitchen that need the most help.

Step 1 – Handy Kitchen Organization Products

Keep kitchen items organized by investing in some handy organization products to keep everything tidy and in its place. There are lots of great organization products out there, but the 3 we’ve featured below are our top picks!

1. Rolling cart

A rolling cart is a godsend for a small kitchen. It gives you instant kitchen storage for anything and everything, and best of all, it’s transportable. How great is that? If you need extra counter space for cooking, lay a chopping board across the top and a rolling cart can be transformed into a food prep area.

2. Lazy Susan

People with small kitchens swear they can’t get by without having at least one Lazy Susan. Large or small, these revolving stands can be placed in cupboards, in pantries or on kitchen shelves for easy access to condiments, cleaning products or any other items.

3. Magnetic wall strip

If your cutlery drawer is clogged or there’s no room for a knife block on the bench, then add a magnetic wall strip to your backsplash. This will hold your collection of knives admirably, and make it easier to reach-and-grab when cooking.

Step 2 – Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Most small kitchens suffer not from their size but from a lack of organization. Kitchen cabinets are especially prone to clutter but with these 6 kitchen organization ideas you can free up much needed space.

  1. Use an over-the-door organizer with see-through pockets
  2. Stick adhesive hooks on the back of the door and inside cupboard doors
  3. Stick old magazine holders on backs of doors with adhesive strips to hold foil and plastic wrap
  4. Use mini storage bins to hold pantry items
  5. Transfer spices to magnetic containers and stick to the side of your fridge
  6. Utilize the space on top of cabinets by storing less used items.

Step 3 – Organize Kitchen Utensils

When jamming your kitchen utensils into a crowded drawer is no longer an option, consider these 3 resourceful and cost-effective DIY kitchen storage solutions.

1. Hang a pegboard

If you’re cabinet or shelf poor, then a pegboard can essentially solve all your kitchen storage problems. It’s really surprising the amount of items that you can hang on a pegboard, from frying pans and measuring jars, to whisks and sieves. You can hang one anywhere you have spare wall space. Find out how to hang a kitchen pegboard.

2. Lego utensil vessel

Lego is becoming a popular (if somewhat unusual) home decoration method, so why not use it to create a bright and funky utensil holder for your kitchen? On the plus side Lego is durable, versatile and colorful; on the minus side…well, you have to build it yourself but if the kids can do it so can you.

3. Upcycled tin cans

Tin cans of all sizes can be upcycled to create cute cutlery and utensil holders that are surprisingly stylish.

Step 4 – Organize Kitchen Shelves

Try these 3 kitchen organization ideas for maximizing your shelf space and keeping items tidy.

1. Open shelving unit

Like the rolling cart, adding a freestanding open shelving unit can solve a host of kitchen storage issues in a small kitchen. You can display dishware, store produce in small wire baskets, stack bottles of water, hold spice bottles and condiments….the possibilities are endless.

2. Add baskets

Add wire or wicker baskets to open kitchen shelves to keep things organized, readily accessible and neatly displayed. Just pull out a basket, grab what you need and put it back. No more rifling through items and leaving a mess in your wake!

3. Under shelves

A great way to cheaply add more shelving space is to put shelves under your existing kitchen shelves. These under shelf baskets instantly add kitchen storage space for storing mugs, cups, linens and more.

We hope these kitchen organization ideas inspire you to get creative and start organizing your small kitchen the way you want it!

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