5 Ways to Secure Your Home While You Travel

5 Ways to Secure Your Home While You Travel

So, you are planning a vacation and all the arrangement for a restful holiday has already been made. But what about your home? Can you dwell on a peaceful holiday if your home is not secure during your travel? With almost one instance of a burglary taking place every 25 seconds in the US alone, the answer is probably “no”. Well, there are a few simple and easy ways you can take care of your home even when you are away. Here are 5 ways to secure your home before you leave.

1. Get a security system to protect your home

The best way to monitor your home and keep crime away is to install a home security system. Usually, burglars get alarmed by such systems installed in your property and stay away due to the fear of getting caught. Therefore, it is important that the security system and cameras that you install are clearly visible to them. They are likely to sense danger and would not attempt a home break-in. Furthermore, you can always be alarmed if anything goes wrong, but for that, you need to install a system that can be controlled remotely.

2. Stop broadcasting about your holiday

With an emergence of social media, we find it so easy to connect with our friends and family and share details that can cause trouble when accessed by wrong people. If you are posting details of your upcoming holiday on a public profile, it could alert the burglars and help them plan their visit to your home. The best way to keep your home safe while you are away being not letting anyone know in a public domain about it. Once you are back home, you can add photos and post your experience.

3. Use a safe to store valuables

If you have some expensive items or essential tools in your home that you fear of getting stolen when you are not around, it is best to invest in a good quality safe that offers complete protection to your valuable items. If even after all your efforts, there is a break-in, at least the burglars won’t be able to break the safe. A heavy weighted safe that is bolted or fixed can prevent them from carrying it away from your home.

4. Avoid having the same travel routine

Whether you travel frequently or less often, if you have a set routine, the burglars may be able to predict the time when you would be not around. Since these burglars stay in a close proximity to your house to have a watch over it and find a suitable time to break in, it is important not to let them know about your plans. To prevent this, you must always have variations in your traveling schedules so that it becomes difficult to figure out when you out.

5. Control your home remotely

Since burglars keep a constant check on homes and only enter when they are vacant, you can play a trick to make them feel that you are at home. For this, you must install lamps that can be remotely controlled. You may also invest in lamps that have timers and can light up at a specific time every day until you are back home. The idea is to make the burglars feel that you are at home.

In addition to the above 5 ways to secure your home while your travel, you may ask a friend to visit or stay at your home to avoid a break-in. These simple ways will not only protect your home when you are not around but also promote a peace of mind and help you enjoy your vacation to its best.

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