Top Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Kitchen

Top Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Kitchen

One of the best ways to turn your house into your dream home is to flip your existing kitchen and create your dream kitchen. In addition to making your home a place where you want to entertain, it can improve the overall value of the house. Even if it is completely dated, there are many affordable and relatively easy ways to get the cooking and eating space that you want. Here are just a few of the things that you can do to turn your kitchen around:

Make Use of Existing Materials

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your kitchen is to refurbish existing cabinets or other components. Sanding and staining a cabinet can make it look new and fresh for a small percentage of what it would cost to get brand new cabinets built and installed. It may also be possible to reuse wood from the cabinets or floors to make an island where you and your family can eat breakfast at or have drinks with friends. You could also use that makeshift island as extra counter space, which could be pretty helpful to you during your meal prep.

If you end up with any extra materials that you can’t come up with any ideas of how to repurpose them, just turn to Google for help. Look up DIY (Do It Yourself) projects that you might be interested in. Another good source for this is Pinterest. Just put in “DIY” and then whatever item you’re trying to reuse. You might find yourself with some extra wood and end up making a wardrobe for the guest bedroom or something. If you have room in your kitchen for more, you could consider repurposing wood and other such items to help you build a special cabinet or shelving system just for the fine china that you only pull out during the holidays.

Look for Items That You Can Refurbish

A refurbished item is an item that has been renovated or redecorated. Such items can be found at thrift stores, a home appliances restore, etc. You might even be able to look at the clearance items at a regular department store as sometimes things go on clearance just for being a little bit scratched or dinged up. Yet, that doesn’t mean that those items aren’t usable. Sure, they’re a little bit less than perfect, but that’s where the refurbishing part comes into play. Fix it up! Sand it, stain it, paint it, or whatever else it takes to turn it in to exactly what you need it to be.

Of course, that advice is best for items that are typically made out of wood: cabinets, tables, shelves, et cetera. When it comes to metal or steel items, it might take a bit of creativity. You may have to follow a YouTube video or online instruction manual on how to fix a dent or ding in stainless steel, which is actually possible to do. For scratches, you could get yourself some type of stainless steel scratch removal compound that only requires a little bit of water to help you remove the scratches with. As for stains that might be on the appliances that you’re trying to refurbish, try a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to get it off. Just make sure that you’re following the grain of the steel as you are applying it and scrubbing it down.

Skip the Real Thing

Instead of buying natural stone, you can opt for manufactured stone that looks and feels just like the real thing. In addition to being less expensive, it is generally easier to maintain, which makes it attractive to most who are doing a kitchen remodel. You can also use linoleum floors as opposed to real stone tiles to provide a classy look without paying as much for it. Using an alternative product also helps you to save on money as real stone can be quite expensive. Not only is it expensive to buy, but it is expensive to install as well as you’ll need an expert who is pretty experienced in installing it. Because it’s typically easier to install, you should be able to install it yourself and that will save you even more money.

Of course, it’s not all about money when it comes to creating your dream kitchen. Maybe you have the type of indispensable cash flow that allows you to build whatever kitchen that you want. In this case, you might be worried about making your home look cheap if you go with anything but the real thing. However, did you know that you could get stone put into your home that has been perfectly molded from unique rocks? That is why you should consider getting something that isn’t just regular linoleum, but, instead, something that has been pre-cast to mimic the real natural designs that Mother Earth has given us. This option still saves you money but doesn’t require you to sacrifice an ounce of quality.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Depending on the layout of both the kitchen and the home, it may not always be wise to build a bigger kitchen. Instead, it may be best to create more storage space or improve the lighting within the room. This allows you to do more in the kitchen that you have without breaking your budget or creating a large mess during the remodeling process.

For extra storage, you might want to consider getting a type of dining table that has storage underneath. You could consider using bar stools or benches that can easily be stored underneath as well-helping you to maximize your space. As for lighting, you could consider putting in a small chandelier (bigger will make the room look smaller) and it might also be beneficial to put a mirror or two on the walls to help reflect the light of the chandelier and make the space look bigger.

Getting your dream kitchen may help you overlook other flaws within the home or objections that you may have about where it is located. When you have a space to cook for family or a place to entertain friends, it gives you a good excuse to spend more time at home. By avoiding traffic and large crowds, you can relax after work or enjoy a peaceful Saturday night with loved ones.


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