What are the Benefits of Using Glass Tiles

What are the Benefits of Using Glass Tiles?

When you want to make any room in your home unique, add color, or just enhance what you already have, tiles are an easy way to do it. You can purchase ceramic or glass tiles and create an incredible possibility of designs, limited to your own imagination and the tiles you choose. But how do you know whether to use ceramic or glass for your project?

Understanding the difference between the two may help you be able to decide. Glass tiles can be purchased individually or in pre-designed patterns that are set on a backing made of mesh. They are, as the name implies, made of thin sheets of glass cut to size with a translucent glaze applied to it and fired onto the back of the tile.

Ceramic tiles are made from clay. A liquid glaze is added to the clay after it is fired at a high temperature and then it is fired once again. While the ceramic tile is usually less expensive, it also has a limited variety of colors.

Glass tiles, on the other hand, come with multiple advantages over ceramic. Here are just a few of the benefits of using glass for your DIY home project.

The Advantages of Glass Tile

When it comes to creating projects unlimited by color, glass tile is the way to go.

1. The colors are almost limitless.

You can find glass tiles in a vast array of colors, from metallics to pastels. Glass tiles have a translucence about them that enhances the beauty of any hue or shade you choose. The light’s reflection off of the glass creates a dual benefit of making any room appear larger and brighter as well. When you search for your tiles at sites like Rocky Point Glass Tile Company, you don’t even have to leave your house to find the colors you are looking for.

2. Glass tiles are more hygienic.

Like mirrored glass, you can easily clean these tiles with a simple spray of cleaner and swipe of a cloth. They are also safer for your health since mold and mildew can’t easily grow on the glass surface. Because glass does not absorb water at all, as opposed to ceramic, which has a small absorbency rate, these tiles have a much longer lifespan, too.

3. You can purchase economically-friendly glass tiles.

When you order or use glass tiles, you are doing your part to help the environment, since many of these tiles are made from recycled materials. Even if those you purchase are not made from reused glass, you can still recycle your leftovers from your project. Creating glass tiles also uses fewer resources than making their ceramic counterparts, since glass tiles take much less energy to produce.

The Benefits of Glass are Worth the Cost

For your next project, whether it is a small art piece you want to create or a large remodeling backsplash for your kitchen, consider glass tiles to make your design stand out. With so many benefits to these tiles, it pays for itself to go the glass tile route and let your imagination go wild.

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