Ultimate Mattress Guide: What You Need to Know Best

Either you are having a new house to move in and is on a shopping spree for furniture, or you are really just considering purchasing a new mattress for a change-gathering data about mattresses is a must. The mattress market industry offers a wide variety of mattresses that could make you frustrated and confused in the process which is what we need to avoid.

What you sleep on affects your health since it is equivalent to the quality of sleep you get through the physical ease and relaxation your mattress provides. This is why many manufacturers innovate the mattresses’ offered services and function, thus the need to know information about mattresses which this article will help you with.

When to Buy a Mattress

The first symptom in knowing when to buy a new mattress is feeling restless when sleeping and waking up with a body ache in the morning, which is the opposite of the mattress’ main function-to provide support and comfort. Additionally, physical signs such as sagging on the mattress’ surface and deep indentations just indicate a need for a mattress replacement.

The life expectancy of a mattress differs on the mattress type and some other factors such as the material composition that was used in making the mattress; mattress maintenance; and sleep habits. On average, most mattresses need to be replaced every 7- 8 years. However, it still depends on a mattress’ type such as the latex which can be replaced around 12 years at most.

Types of Mattress

The mattress industry offers a wide variety of mattresses which offers different functions for each, which calls for in-depth research about the different types of mattresses offered. What you need to know about this is that different mattresses target different issues and preference of an individual so having information reduces your long list of options.

The most common mattress that are sold in the market is the traditional mattress innerspring type which is affordable and provides motion isolation with the ability to support stomach sleepers, sufferers of back pains and overweight individuals. On the other hand is the foam type which eases pressure to the body due to its contouring function.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position affects the type of mattress that you need. Most people know the correlation between one’s sleeping position and the quality of sleep one gets-but only a few understand how mattresses impact that connection.

Side sleeping is the most common type of sleeping position which is also the healthiest due to proper spinal alignment and better airway circulation. Memory foam is the best type for this type of sleeper since it relieves the pressure point of the body and curves to the body shape.

Mattress Size

One of the important question in thinking of purchasing a new mattress is its size. New bed buyers tend to make a mistake in purchasing the right size of bed foam by neglecting in taking proper measurements, thus the forfeit of enjoying their new bed.

Queen-size mattress with its 60 inches wide by 80 inches long is the most popular mattress size nowadays since it can be used by both couple and single sleepers. This mattress size is a good choice for couples who really do not need much sleeping space and is also an ideal size for single sleepers who want plenty of space while sleeping.


The normal thickness of a mattress is 9-12 inches which will not create any difference within that range. However, increasing thickness of 13-14 inches and beyond might create an impact on your sleeping experience but it heavily depends on how a mattress is made. What is important here is the consideration of the body weight. Light individuals may prefer normal thickness and shorter beds, whereas heavier people mostly prefer thicker beds.


Firmness is about how the mattress feels against the body and is often tied to two factors: sleep position and the sleeper’s weight. The back and stomach sleepers tend to prefer medium firm or firm mattresses over softer mattresses which are preferred by the side sleepers. Additionally, lighter individuals need softer mattresses to experience pressure relief while heavier individuals may require firmer mattresses.


Mattress support refers to the bed’s ability to provide an even flat surface to the body which helps align the spine to the lower areas.  Almost all of the mattresses offer support, but by comparison, innerspring, hybrids, and airbeds are often much better in providing consistent support throughout a mattress’ lifespan.

Conforming Ability

This mattress function is most important to people who suffer joint and back pains or injuries. The ability to conform closely to the sleeper’s body helps in the alignment of the spine and prevents pressure points from developing. How a mattress conforming ability works is closely linked to its cover and topmost layer. The mattress for this is the memory foam or latex which is best in conforming body shape.

Know Your Shopping Options

In this fast-changing world, the options that you have widens through technology’s innovation. You may consider shopping online in purchasing a new mattress due to its convenience in time and in effort. Of course, testing the mattress when buying one is the best way to have the right kind of mattress for you, but if you do not have the time then you might consider this approach.

Also, there are many reviews for you to read in the internet-just make sure it is the trusted site such as the mattress reviews in Counting Sheep website which tackles mainly focuses on improving your sleep.

Take Away

Sleep is essential to an individual’s health, as what they say “sleep equates to better health” this is why many medical practitioners always remind us of having a good quality of sleep. This is also why choosing a new mattress is a worthy investment. Additionally, one should know their own preference and needs on choosing the right mattress.

Post updated: 08/19/2021

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