Net Curtains Add an Extra Touch to Home Decor

Net Curtains Add an Extra Touch to Home Decor

I used to re-decorate my home religiously. For about 15 years, I was always looking for ways to make it look fresher and spruce it up. However, now I’ve found a really quick, easy way to give my home a new lease of life and it’s by simply adding net curtains to the windows.

I’ve discovered that there are many benefits to having net curtains up at your windows and so I have put this post together to share them with you.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people think that net curtains can’t be used in every room in the house, when in fact, they can! The first place I bought them for was my downstairs bathroom and after that, I decided that they would look great all over the house. I tend to buy the same design for every window, just to make sure that they match when looking at my home from the outside. If you’re keen to feature different styles of nets in your home, then a good idea would be to still stick to having all the same designs on each side of the house but the front could be different to the back.

Originally, it was presumed that they are for a more traditionally styled home. However, my home is really modern and they still fit in nicely there, not out of place at all. They really help to add a fresh, funky touch to my home.

You’ll notice that there are lots of different styles of nets. Some of them are fairly plain whereas others can be more decorative and a bit more exciting. They will usually be white however it is possible to get different colors of net curtains too if you shop around. In my opinion, the white versions look the best. I’ve found that they make the rooms in my house look bigger which is fantastic as some of the rooms in my home are small.

I’ve seen some stunning net curtain designs that feature lots of nice patterns including daisies, leaves, snowflakes and even some with little sparkles that would be perfect at Christmas time or in the summer when the light catches them. I’ve even seen some net curtains with butterflies on before that look delicate and detailed, perfect for a little girls bedroom.

Not only are net curtains aesthetically pleasing, they also help to improve the privacy in your home as they won’t allow people to see inside. It’s really important to keep your home safe so this simple way to add privacy into your home is a great idea. Although they don’t allow prying eyes to see in, they will let sunlight beam through and you will be able to see through them from inside the house.

One thing to bear in mind when you’re choosing net curtains is that you need to opt for a design that will match your normal curtains. Remember not to have both your net curtains and your curtains really patterned as they could clash – try to make at least one of them plain.

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