Six Speedy And Cheap Decorating Projects For Your Home

Six Speedy And Cheap Decorating Projects For Your Home

When it comes to home decorating, a lot of homeowners tend to purchase new fabrics and decorative objects, thinking that these new additions are the most ideal solutions to spiff up the look of their rooms. Sure these newly-bought accents will do a whole lot in changing the mood and appearance of your home, but just imagine how much damage they can do in your pocket.

Giving your home a fresh face need not be expensive nor exhausting. Instead of wasting money buying big-ticket items to dress up your home, go for everyday objects that you can buy for less or even get for free. And rather than flipping the whole room to give it an entirely new look, focus on upgrading or adding a piece of furniture or two to create a small change with a huge impact. Here are some home decorating projects that will suffice to such requirements that you can accomplish for cheap over the weekend.

Give dark cabinets a light backing

Do not let the inside of your wood-stained cabinets keep your beautiful collection of trinkets sit in the dark. To show off your lovely knick-knacks and lighten up your dark cabinets as well as the mood of the entire room, consider painting their shelves interior backing with a vibrant hue, such as turquoise, pale green or cheery yellow. To add even more personality, line the cabinets’ backs with wallpaper or fabric featuring a fun pattern. This project will surely make the dark cabinets pop out against the space while providing your trinkets with a high-style display case.

Make elegant vignettes

Got undressed surfaces around your home that you are not sure what to make of, such as an entryway or hallway table or fireplace mantel? Transform them into graceful statements by arranging objects atop these surfaces into vignettes. Pick accents that support the style and theme of the room and display them in odd numbers and varied heights. You may choose to use small pedestals to elevate tiny objects. To make the vignettes more striking, build them around a light source such as a table lamp.

Furniture facelift

Save basic hand-me-down or salvaged dressers, chairs, or coffee tables with fresh paint. Sand, prime and paint them with a color that you like and see how you can make a treasure out of these old furnishings. If you are not keen about the idea of repainting the whole piece, consider employing a dip-dye effect instead. That is, you will just paint the tips or base of the legs of the furniture with a lively hue to create a subtle yet beautiful upgrade.

Other ways you can give a new lease on life to old furnishings include decoupaging them with fabric or wallpaper; covering the drawers fronts of a dresser or table with store-cut mirrors; or simply changing their hardware.

More privacy please

The glass front doors that connect the rooms inside your house don’t have to be boring. You can brighten them up without sacrificing the privacy they provide and without obstructing the light filling the rooms by applying patterned window films on the their glass panels. These decorative films are inexpensive and easy to apply. They can also be peeled off with great ease, letting you change them whenever the mood strikes.

Make a memo station

Your kitchen, mudroom or even the living room will benefit from the addition of a memo station where the rest of the family can leave notes or reminders. If you have an old bulletin board, you can turn it into a memo board that is not only stylish but functional, too. Simply display it on a chunky frame or gilded molding and add a wall decal on the board or cork to give it a punch of style. Then, hang the piece along with framed photographs or a plain wall that is accessible to the rest of the family.

Create an unexpected bookcase

Don’t let your non-functioning fireplace sit in the living room as an unsightly black hole on the wall. Instead, transform it into a practical and lovely storage for books and other decorative objects by fitting its inside with shelves. Carefully measure the opening and create a plywood insert that fits snugly into the hole. Cut two or three shelves that will fit across the insert. Then, paint the shelves and apply wallpaper at the back of the insert. Install the shelves in the insert using screws and slip the fixture into the fireplace opening.

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